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WPA June 15 vs. Orioles

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Orlando Palmeiro is the Astros' man of those two and a half forgettable hours, according to the win expectancy numbers, as Lane's blast came too late to affect our chances. . . .

Wandy actually kind of came back and pitched a decent game; he could have fallen apart (and came close to doing so), but he hung in there and made pitches when he needed to and got the four double plays.

Some might take the DP's as evidence that it could've been worse, but I'll go ahead and view the pail of air as half-full and take them as a positive. Keeping the ball down, all that, all that.

The Bigbie strikeout in the fourth with Gibbons at third was also pretty clutch.

Biggio has reached base in eight straight games, but has reached base twice in only two of them.

I hate to keep picking on our catchers, but check it out, it's kind of funny: Quintero is hitting .063. That's called being on the offramp, 'cause you're not even on the interstate.

And Raul Chavez is wondering why he's at Round Rock. Shit, he was at least three times as good, right? That, and a few points more.

Lamb goes 3 for 4 Monday, then doesn't play Tuesday, and pinch-hits medium-late Wednesday. Not criticising, just saying. . . .