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Quote of the Day, More Minors, Etc.

"He's just not getting hits. We'd like for him to get some hits."
-- Phil Garner,
   attempting to explain that Chris Burke,
despite the low BA, has been taking good swings.

Way to get back to basics, Phil.

And if you thought that was funny, you'd probably think a guy like Jim DeShaies, already pretty goddamned humorous during the game telecasts, would REALLY crack you up if given the opportunity to stretch out in a blog environment. Not the case, though. While I guess it's fairly cool that they went ahead and gave DeShaies the blog, rather than, like, Milo Hamilton, my initial review would be: lighten up, dude. Tell a joke or two. Relax.

And if all else fails, give up, go home, and leave this to the paid professionals.

Not sure whether JD or Dirk is gonna be doing the color this evening, but FSN Southwest is going to be broadcasting the Corpus Christi game tonight. It appears as if I'm not gonna have a prayer of catching it in my neck of the woods, but I would by all means recommend that Astros fans residing in Texas (and other Southwest parts) tune in. The Hooks are taking on the Frisco Roughriders in a 7:05 CST start, and Mark McLemore will ascend the hill for Corpus Christi.

In other Hooks news, righthander Tim McClaskey has been added to the roster of the Texas League West division All-Stars, after another honoree got promoted to AAA. The move means that the front four of the Hooks' rotation will be represented at the Texas League All-Star game, to be held in Frisco next Tuesday. McLemore, Fernando Nieve, and Jason Hirsh had previously been named to the team. The four pitchers join the two Hook position players on the All-Star squad, centerfielder Josh Anderson and catcher Hector Gimenez.

The All-Star game will or course mark the end of the Texas League first half, and Greg Rajan of the Corpus-Christ Caller-Times, who you may remember was gracious enough to consent to an interview with the Crawfish Boxes, has written an informative wrapup of the Hooks' up and down first half.

Bill Gilbert had reported that Tal Smith was going to be in Lexington last night to catch the Legends, and more especially the undefeated Troy Patton, who was looking to extend his scoreless inning streak from 31.

It's possible that both Smith and Patton were disappointed, as the streak got no further than 32 and Patton was fairly rocked by the second-place Hagerstown Suns. The 8 - 2 loss, during which Patton gave up all eight runs (only six earned though) over a mere 4-1/3, pulled Hagerstown within a game of the Legends with four to play before the first half comes to its close. Lexington had led by three with six to go.

Lexington will also play these last four games before the break without their SAL MVP candidate Hunter Pence. Mark Maloney of the Lexington Herald reports that the injury is a strained quadriceps, while is reporting that Purpura says it's more of a hip flexor. Either way, the prognosis is good, and Pence should be back to renew his assault on the SAL offensive records in about ten days.

But the first-half Northern division title will have been decided by the time he gets back.