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Putting This One To Bed. . . .

As I arise at midnight . . .

I see Jason Lane, who at other spots in the game had two hits and a walk, had the chance to change the course of the game in the eighth inning, as he batted with the bases loaded and no outs, but struck out.  Everett got a run home, but Ausmus, he of the black hole we call our eight-slot, fouled out to end the threat, the inning, and, for all practical purposes the game.

As I had intimated then, yesterday's loss wasn't too hard to swallow, but tonight's loss reminds me overly much of the pathetic road offensive futility that I thought had passed.  

I mean, I know I spent the preview saying all these good things about Bruce Chen, but c'mon, it was Bruce Chen!

I remind myself, and I should repeat it, as a mantra, that rebuilding teams do not have games that turn the season around, they just have bright spots among the gray.

I guess Lane would be both our hero and the goat, if such a thing were possible.  Taveras saw his 10-game hit streak end.

The game, of course, was otherwise notable for Craig Biggio's 263rd career hit-by-pitch.  I'm really happy for Mr. Plunk Biggio Reporter, you know?  He's been so patient lately. . . .

Wandy Rodriguez tries to avert the pernicious road sweep tomorrow night.