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Like yesterday, a pretty easy decision:

Roy Oswalt
  • 9 IP 2 H 0 ER O BB
  • First career two-hitter
  • Second Complete Game this year
  • Highest Game Score for an Astro pitcher this year at 86
  • and Eighth Highest in the NL this year, too.
Top Game Scores This Year for Astros
Pitcher Score Game
Oswalt 86 June 12 vs. Blue Jays
Oswalt 83 May 20 vs. Brewers
Backe 83 May 15 vs. Giants
Clemens 81 April 13 at Mets
Oswalt 79 May 17 vs. D-Backs
Added about 8 hours later:
It'd been bugging me (to like, the point of not being able to sleep) so I broke out the media guides and looked up the following:
Last Complete Game Two Hitter: Wade Miller, May 20, 2003, 9 - 1 over the Cubs at Wrigley

But of course that wasn't a shutout like Roy had today. So I looked a little further and came up empty.

No single Astro pitcher has thrown a two-hit complete game shutout since at least 1993, when any of four pitchers may have thrown one. Or not.

It does appear that there are no other candidates going back to the most recent confimed two-hit shutout, a 4 - 0 road victory over the Braves spun by Jim Deshaies April 13, 1988. Retrosheet of course would settle the matter, but sadly, it's still down . . .

I do know that Chris Holt pitched a complete game one-hit shutout April 28, 2000 at Milwaukee, winning 7 - 0