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Game Hero and Recap

JD and Brownie went with Backe, but I'm gonna go with
Lance Berkman
'Coz We Need Him
Two Hits and a Walk
Scored Once
Led the 2-Out RBI charge by driving in another
'Coz I predicted it (a little bit)

As warned, wasn't able to do an inning by inning thang, and really wasn't close enough to the TV to do even a proper recap, but I was near the TV in the fifth, when in a flash I was reminded why it's worth putting up with some of the crappy play from the Astros and was shown a fleeting glimpse of the level of play to which they can aspire.

It was simple and beautiful, like a lot of the best baseball. Backe was at bat, snorting and pawing the ground like he does, and lo and behold, he was rewarded with a bloop single. And then--perfectly emblematic of the way a young, athletic and eager pitcher can expand your game--Garner had him running on Taveras' high chopper to short, and instantly, Backe was into second, because he was aggressive, and Lopez fired to first, and Taveras, seemingly and amazingly moving faster than even usual for him, is just a blur through the bag as he beats the ball! And it was a single, perfect, instant like the Platonic form for youthful, speedy, aggressive baseball.

And danged if what would have been a double play ball for a slower pair didn't lead to two runs, and if I didn't say to myself, "THAT is what Astros baseball has the potential to be."