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Game Thread Match Up

2 - 4, 4.67 4 - 3, 4.73

Unbelievably, more f&*#ing computer problems have arisen, and I may or may not be able to post anything salient this evening. If not I hope you understand.

At the very least, yesterday's debacle discredits the rumor propounded by Jose Jesus de Ortiz a few weeks back that the Astros home/road hitting splits were so dramatic that the only explanation for them was that certain Houston batsmen must have been receiving stolen signs. And had anybody been wondering about the pitching splits, the bullpen did what they could yesterday to even those up, as well.

Despite the fact that he won't be having to face Roger Clemens in the batter's box, Belisle may still be vulnerable; besides Clemens' two-run single in Belisle's April 8th relief appearance against us, two others had hits against him, as well.

Brandon Backe remains solid over his last three at 2- 1 with a 2.35; opponents are hitting .240 off him in May.

Signs remain favorable, I think, for a massive breakout by Berkman--I believe it was Jim DeShaies who was predicting three jacks for Berkman on the current homestand. The improvement in his approaches and his swings can't be missed.