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Match Up/Game Thread

2 - 5, 4.11 4 - 3, 3.09

The Astros today are challenged by the opportunity they have opened for themselves to win their first road series all year, and, depending on what happens in Chicago, leave that nasty "worst road record in the majors" business to the Colorado Rockies.

Wish I had any great faith that Pettitte was feeling good.

Ascending the hill for the Brewers will be Chris Capuano, another freaking lefty, and one who is 2 - 1 over his last three with a 1.46. Pettitte is of course 0 - 3 in that span, and brings an ugly 6.-flat ERA over those games into the fray.

Capuano and Pettitte are tied for fourth place among lefties in quality starts overall, with Pettite having notched one lately and Capuano having notched two.

Capuano is also seventh among NL lefties in Average Game Score, while Pettitte, whose AGS has dropped under 50, is well back.

Although as is usual for him, Pettitte has not exactly inspired confidence with the statements he's made on his health to the press, both Roy and the Rocket have said positive things on their injuries to the folks at the Chronicle. Biggio, it appears, remains out, though.

Berkman continues to improve at the plate, as evidenced by his nice, patient RBI last night, Lamb broke his slump with two extra base hits, and Ensberg remains competitive power-wise with the best third basemen in the league. Could this be an offensive renaissance??