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Matchup/Game Thread/Saturday Night

0 - 1, 6.35 1 - 3, 3.95

Ben Sheets, who made and lost his last start vs. Houston, returns from the DL only to face Houston again. He was placed on the DL April 21, the day after he gave up 6 over 6 in his loss to the Astros.

They were saying he had some kind of weird inner ear infection that weakened him, made him puke, and affected his balance, but in retrospect, it was perhaps only the shame of giving up 6 runs to the anemic Astros lineup that got Ben sick . . . .

But seriously folks, Sheets has now lost 3 straight to the Astros, and there'll probably be a window there early while he gets his gamelegs back. Don't score through three, however, and you may not score at all, especially with that freaky redneck the Brewers've got closing.

Let's see? What else?

Looks like Garner may have revealed a little too much, here:

"I don't manage good if I'm not comfortable with the bullpen."
--as reported on

Jeez, Phil, you had to go and tell 'em. Now they'll be spending their pregames planning how to attack the bullpen, probably putting voodoo spells and hexes, all to get you out of your bullpen-induced managerial rhythm . . . .

Forget about it! We're not trading Lidge, either! You closerless contenders can continue to drool, for all we care. After all, you're not conspiring how to give us a shortstop that can hit, or a first baseman that can field, so why should we help you?

And we'll close the pregame festivities with an absolutely beautiful quote from our King of Equivocation, Andy Pettitte:

"I'm a lot better. I threw my bullpen, and I can't tell them I don't feel I shouldn't pitch, so we'll give it a shot."
--in the Chronicle.

. . .CAN'T tell them I DON'T think I SHOULDN'T pitch . . .

While not a triple negative in the grammatical sense, Pettitte's sure qualifies in the logical sense, and we hereby sentence Andy to read a chapter of the MLA Stylebook so that he may in the future construct his sentences proactively. Andy seems like a stand-up guy and I'm sure he'll accept his punishment, but I'm suspecting that in his acceptance, he'll tell us he knows it doesn't mean he doesn't think mistakes were made. . . .