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Matchup Game Thread May 25 at Cubs

3 - 3, 5.15 2 - 2, 4.12

Early start at "Wrigley Stadium" tonight with Brandon Backe psyched out of his skull I'm sure to be facing Greg Maddux.

Was pretty psyched myself to see that Backe has actually pitched better than Maddux over their last three starts. They're both 2 - 2 over that span, but Backe's thrown 7 innings more and has a point of ERA on Maddog.

'Course Maddux has pitched better this year against Houston (1 - 0, 3.00) than Backe has against Chicago (1 - 0, 5.14).

Maddux is also older and richer; nonetheless, I the eternal optimist like our chances tonight, probably to the extent that I like Brandon Backe in general, which some might say is too much.

I'm also getting on the Todd Self bandwagon; hop on, there's plenty of room.

Point to watch tonight: will Garner give Lidge enough time to warm up, assuming he's needed?

Looks like Purpura might be shopping for a hitter. Kind of a seller's market on that one, but good luck, my man. . . .