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Game Thread/Matchup

4 - 2, 4.41 4 - 4, 4.02

Roy Oswalt has been decisioned one way or the other in his last twelve regular season starts and in 36 of his last 38. Not sure exactly what this might say other than maybe we've been slow with the hook when he's been off, but there it is.

His start against Atlanta May 6 is still hurting Roy. If you withheld that game, in which he gave up 7 earned over five, from his stats, his ERA would be at 3.14. And yes I am aware such selective use of statistics is unfair. . .it's just that I like Oswalt so much, you know?

Morgan Ensberg, if he hits a tater tonight, will tie the club record for most home runs in a two-game span with four. In other words, no-one who's hit three homers in a game for the club has ever followed or preceded that game with a two-homer game. Morgan certainly is streaky; he might have a shot at at least a piece of this one. . . .Talk to you in forty-five.