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In honor of Roger's 331st Win. . .

Here's an interesting viewpoint, and one I had not considered. . . .

Even when Clemens was a Yankee, and I HATED his ass, and the only dealings he'd had with the Astros were the duplicitous and bad-faith meetings he had with the club before driving up his value and signing with the Yanks, I never imagined that the man might be using.  

Part of that inability to even consider is certainly the bias we fans had that pitchers had no reason to use.  And part of it was, I dunno, the way Clemens carries himself?

Certainly capable of being arrogant, rageful and selfish in the past, Clemens of course has been a perfect citizen in Houston.  But aren't steroid users supposed to be more cocky?

The author of the article, evidently, has been burned in defending Bonds, and now might simply be projecting his loss of faith.

Or maybe he's right?

Certainly would be a good topic for discussion . . .