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Matchup/Game Thread

1 - 2, 4.54 0 - 1, 9.82

Circumstances beyond my control forced me to basically go without sleep last night, so I dunno, maybe I do the game thread thing. Or maybe I sleep for fourteen hours.

Obviously, I decided to sleep.

We both can see it ended up as another loss for the 'Stros, and it hardly makes sense to do the inning-by-inning thing in retrospect. But I will make a few observations:

-- Garner's got few options at this point, but one that was still remaining to him was to give Palmeiro a start. After all, he's been hitting everything as a pinch-hitter. . . .

-- I see Mike Burns' debut was a successful one.

--Maybe I need to get over my Franco-fear. I'm sure the inherited runners scored thing is still a little high, but his ERA is down to 1.69. . .

--Astacio appears to have gotten over the Braves game fairly well. Maybe he has a future after all. . .:)

--I was reading on ESPN where Eric Bruntlett is now the major leaguer with the largest number of at bats in the absence of a hit. Congratulations, Eric. You are the perfect symbol for the sense of offensive futility that is the 2005 Houston Astros.