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Live Baseball for rastronomicals

Those who have ever stopped by Astroland know that I live in South Florida (shit, they've even seen a picture of my house), so since MLB redid the schedules, and barring a vacation to Texas, I get only three closely-packed chances a year to see the Astros live.  And because of said house, my expendible income ain't what it was, and I had to sadly cut out a game this year; I couldn't afford more than four tickets.

So like a dumbass, the game I decide NOT to attend is the one started by the future Hall of Famer vs. my best bet for the '05 Cy Young.  So instead of Roger Clemens vs. AJ Burnett, it'll be Brandon Backe vs. Brian Moehler that the Astro-fiancee and I catch tonight.  

Uncanny expertise like this, ladies and gentlemen, is why SportsBlog Nation tapped me, and why I make the big bucks.  

Actually, it should be fun to see Backe bounce around live and in person, and following the  up and down pattern  of his season so far, he's due for a solid start tonight.  

But because I'm doing that, I won't be posting a game thread tonight.  Just wanted all of you hypothetical readers who don't sign in to know where I'd gone. . . .