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Astros Extend Garner's Contract

If you hadn't seen it, the Astros extended Phil Garner's contract today, and it will now run through 2007.

My only question might be they might not have rewarded Garner even more, and maybe given him an additional year, but I guess if one year contracts worked for Walter Alston, a one-year extension can work for Phil Garner.

I'm still recovering from this freaking storm, and still have not fully digested the feedback and commentary from the four-game sweep.  For all I know there is a loud and vocal faction blaming it on Phil Garner.  But if such exists, it is all hooey.  The simple fact of the matter is that, not just once, but in back to back years, Garner's teams have outperformed every previousa team in Astro history.  In only two years (a year and a half, really) Garner has won more than twice as many playoff games as all other managers in Astro history combined.  Almost half of all playoff games in franchise history have now been managed by Phil Garner.

There are some who will say that a manager's contribution is entirely overrated, but when I look at the 2004 team's record at the break, and look at how it finished, I find that particular idea hard to swallow, as well.

Garner's style almost invites second-guessing, and I know that I have disagreed with several of his moves along the way, but I don't think there's any doubt that, at least so far, he's the greatest manager in team history, and I thoroughly welcome this admittedly very much expected news.