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The original is hosted at ESPN/Starwave It's now about 11:00 PM eastern time, and although I've managed to pack my lunch for work tomorrow, managed to grab a shower and a shave, managed to fry up a T-bone for dinner, and even managed to feed the cats, almost my entire waking day has been spent preparing for, watching, and analyzing the marvelous, epic baseball game the Astros played today.  

I've run out of time, I can do no more, I have to sleep.  But over the next 24 hours, I hope that I can codify my thoughts a little bit more, maybe get them down on paper some.  I also hope to produce a WPA graph for the unparalleled marathon I hope you witnessed.

I also invite anybody who was actually in attendance to post their thoughts.  If the game was gut-wrenching when you simply watched it on the tube, what was it like actually being there?  What was it like, for example, when Ensberg hit into that double play in the fifteenth?  Looking for a little insight, you know?

Go Astros!