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Hello I'm Good How About You?

As I write, a couple hours before darkness descends on Halloween, it is through the first internet connection that I have had access to since the passing of Hurricance Wilma.

We had power here at work the day after the storm, and we had phones by the end of last week.  But it was only after I was able to successfully futz with the company's little Linksys router earlier today that I had been able to do the cyberspace thing.

I'm still without power at the Crawfish Boxes International Headquarters, and it could be another eight or nine days before I get any, or so the local power company has been telling us through their omnipresent radio ads.

It was great to see the concern expressed onsite by blez and trza and littlevisigoth and saylinara and GoStros5 and everyone else.  Although the Astros' cause was ultimately doomed, one of the things that could have made Games Three or Four better was if I had been able to spend at least some portion of them in contact with the Astros faithful who had been coming over to this site during the playoffs and before.

It was all very much appreciated, truly.

Bill Gilbert has already submitted an elegant summation of the Astros' season which I will post after a little bit, and I'd like to do a thorough review of the team's minor league system, maybe a progress report on Biggio's HOF numbers, something on Clemens? and of course the various and different Season Previews to come are already forming within my pathetically obsessed little Astrobrain.

So I definitely have plans to post material here in the offseason; weekly, bi-weekly, I'm not sure as of yet.  Right now after posting at least daily for four months, after an emotionally draining postseason run, and of course this f%^&ing storm, I'd like to chill for just a bit.

So don't check back daily, but please check back, and once again, I'd like to thank everyone who has expressed their concern.

And as always, Go Astros!