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Matchup/Diary World Series Game One at White Sox


Rogér Clemens   Jose Contreras
2 - 1, 4.50   
1.35 WHIP  
2 - 1, 2.88
0.88 WHIP

The first World Series game in Houston Astros' history is less than two hours away, and trying to get rolling with the words here is proving a little difficult.

I know I don't speak for everyone here when I say this, but I'm just so f#$%ing happy that the team has made it here. I'm delirious with joy for Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, who will each rightly start this game. Listen: if the Astros win, it's gravy for me. Whatever happens with the Sox, the Houston Astros will be 2005 National League Champions always and forever, and there's no way I would let even a four game sweep by the Pale Hose get between me and my inner joy at that.

Now then, Jose Contreras, as The Cheat was telling us, throws all these pitches from all these different arm slots. He comes in having walked two in his 25 playoff innings, but how long can that last? It's gotta be kinda like the guy who asked the millipede how the bug kept it straight, which foot to put after the other. The bug had never thought about it, but once he did, was never able to walk again.

Usually that story is used to convey the idea, don't screw things up by thinking, but I'm using it here to say that complicated systems don't break down by halves. Contreras, even when on, gives up base hits, and in 2005 has walked 5 over 5, 4 over 5, 5 over 7-2/3, and 7 over 4-1/3.

Base hits plus walks == Good game for Los Astros.

We should know very quickly whether Contreras is going to be vulnerable there.

Although I worry about him as the game gets older, Roger Clemens should be nails for at least three frames, and the White Sox have been shut out through three only once during the playoffs. A scoreless tie middle late could disorient them as a team, while you know it will bother our lovably anemic 'Stros not at all.

Go Astros!!!!!!!