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Bagwell Hits Sixth as DH

Tonight's Lineup

Thanks to saylinara for the heads up, probably within seconds of it having been posted at

Craig Biggio, 2b
Willy Taveras, cf
Lance Berkman, lf
Morgan Ensberg, 3b
Mike Lamb, 1b
Jeff Bagwell, DH
Jason Lane, rf
Brad Ausmus, c
Adam Everett, ss

So it's Burke who sits. You thus get like, the slowest possible realistic lineup. But that's much better than the other option, I think, which would have been to sit Willy and tempt fate some more with Burke in center, next to Berkman in left.

Who thinks maybe Lamb should be behind Bagwell, either so Bags isn't penalized by Lamb's whiff, or so Bags can be driven in by Lamb's homer? Without looking at any numbers, it just seems like Lamb is feast or famine.

But I don't really think it's all that big a deal.

The DH rule is just warped. Look how much better our lineup looks with Lane in the seven-slot. . . and we had the 11th-worst offense in the NL! Hard to take it seriously, but it gets Bags the start, so I'll shut my mouth about NL superiority for the rest of the Series.