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White Sox Relievers

Well, while we're waiting for the announcement on DH honors this evening that Garner promised us we would have 3-1/2 hours ago, how about some more straight dope on da Sox?


Bobby Jenks - The Closer - It appears the Jenks has inherited the closer role for the White Sox. He took over for Hermanson in the final few weeks of the season. He has a dynamite fastball, 97+ MPH, though he lacks control at times. His best pitch is a hammer of a curveball 84 MPH. It dives off the table at the last second.

Dustin Hermanson - I guess he's the set up guy, although I haven't even seen him in the playoffs. He has 4 pitches Sinker, slider, 4-seamer, and splitter. He has been battling a bad back for most of the second half.  I don't really know what to expect from him should he pitch in the playoffs.

Cliff Politte - Fastball Slider pitcher. Had impeccable control in the beginning of the year, and was the Sox most valuable reliever. He can bring some heat (95MPH), but has relied on his slider more in the second half.

Orlando Hernandez - Unimpressive down the stretch, losing his 5th starter position to 22 year old Brandon McCarthy late in the year. He was the Sox hero in Boston in game 3 out of the pen. He throws everything, including the kitchen sink, at opposing hitters.

Luis Vizcaino - If you're seeing this guy, you should feel good about my chances as an Astros fan. He's the last option down in the pen. He is also a fastball/slider pitcher, though he relies too heavily on the slider, and often will go too deep in the count, walking batters or leaving a hanging slider up in the zone.

Neal Cotts - The primary left-hander out of the pen. He has a funky delivery that makes his fastball seem much faster. It sits in the low 90's, and he can get away with throwing almost exclusively fastball. He's most effective when he can drop his slurve over on first pitch. - He is also most effective early in the count. It's easy to tell when he doesn't have it, because at-bats get extended for much longer than when he's on.

Damaso Marte - The Big Enigma. He has dominating stuff, and was one of the best relief pitchers in baseball in 2002-3. This season, however, he can't find the zone, and lacks confidence. - Think of him as a left-handed Octavio Dotel.

Good for The Cheat to throw in that metaphor we all can understand on Marte, don't you think? Thanks again to South Side Sox for his valuable work, and for sharing it with little old us.