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White Sox Starters

More good info on our World Series opponents, from SBNation affiliate South Side Sox:

Jose Contreras ? I've been calling him "The White Sox best pitcher" since early August. He's been amazing since then. He has a great fastball that he throws from multiple arm angles. 93-95MPH. It has lots of movement and is hard to square up. He also features a splitter that Roger Clemens would kill to have right now. (80-82MPH) It tumbles out of the zone and moves almost like a knuckleball at times. ? Very slow delivery to the plate. Can be run on at will.

Mark Buehrle ? Really is the White Sox best pitcher. I don't really know how he gets it done. He doesn't appear to have dominating stuff. He just gets guys out. He's sort of a combination of Andy Pettitte, Mark Mulder, and David Wells. ? His best pitch is his change up, though I think he's most effective when he's dropping his curveball over. Also has a cutter like Pettitte. ? Has one of the best pickoff moves in baseball. Fields his position like a hockey goalie. Should win a Gold Glove at some point in his career.

Jon Garland ? The big surprise this year. He improved his control exponentially. He pounds the zone with 2 different fastball, a 4 seamer that he uses up in the zone, and a 2 seamer that he runs in on the hand of righties. He's at his best when he's pounding both fastballs inside to lefties and righties. His change up is his best pitch though. He gets a lot of lefties chasing it. ? Also a great fielding pitcher. Holds runners well, but doesn't have a great pickoff move.

Freddy Garcia ? The one player I don't even know how to give a scouting report for. He throws lots and lots of breaking balls. He's very inconsistent. He's the one Sox starter who will routinely walk guys. ? Like Contreras he's got a deliberate delivery. He can be run on.

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