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Media Matters

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Clemens and Biggio, nattily attired at yesterday's rally

Media overload, no doubt. It all seems a little much, even to someone who's devoted much of his expendable income and time to the team for almost twenty years.

It was nice to see something written about Chad Qualls, although the Kurkjian story didn't present anything all that insightful.

I had liked the Stark story on Bagwell, though. Richard Justice has a story in which he says what all Astros fans must be thinking -- that Garner is almost obligated to use Bagwell in the DH slot for the games in Chicago.

Amy Gramling, who I guess usually writes about colege football for ESPN, had a pretty good story about the demons us Astro fans were facing down after Game Five. But, like most people, she fails to consider how important last year's Game Five vs. the Braves was.

Good story on Garner at the Chronicle, although I think the "seat of the pants" thing is way overrated. He does the best he can with the talent he's got, like every other manager, don't you think?

Gonna wear your flip flops today?

This is cute, a "Tale of the Tape" from CBS Sportsline, and has also got this Astros flakes top ten or something, with a picture of Jose Lima I'd not seen before.

Although I disagree with them as often as agree, one of my favorite sites recently is the hyper-cynical Fire Joe Morgan, and they take apart some poor sap from MSN who had the audacity to write a Series story.

Update:   This is also pretty funny, even if we all know the '83 White Sox jersey can't hold a candle to the '86 'Stros duds.

And I had no clue Garner once challenged Hawk Harrelson and Tom Paciorek to a fight, both at once. That'da been cool!

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