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White Sox Position Players

So what do I know about the Chicago White Sox? I spent my year watching the Astros. I had no spare time to idly catch an American League game.

So identifying weak spots and openings in our competition would be rather difficult.

Fortunately, The Cheat, from our SBNation brother Southside Sox has recognized my problem, and stepped in with capsule descriptions of each players for us DH-challenged fans:

Scott Podsednik ? Sacrificed power for average in 2005. He slaps a lot of balls down the left field line. I wouldn't be surprised to see him put one in the Crawford Boxes one time. He was injured in the second half, and his stolen base proficiency fell to almost zero. He won't be stealing second base too often in the World Series.

Tadahito Iguchi ? Good power to all fields. Average range and defense. One of the best 2B in the game at starting a double play. Can look really bad, and really good in the same at bat. Big breaking balls generally give him the most trouble. Goes to right field on fastballs.

Jermaine Dye ? Inserted into the #3 hole in the final weekend of the season. Jermaine is a straight low ball hitter. He doesn't really chase up in the zone, but if you work him up there you can get him to expand a little bit. ? Good arm in RF. Surprisingly efficient stealing bases.

Paul Konerko ? The best hitter on the Sox. Goes to right field when behind in the count. He's been absolutely punishing mistakes in the post-season. Has NO speed, so he does clog the basepaths. Will often be removed if he gets on late in a close game. Plays surprisingly nimble defense at 1B. Not the best range, but above average with a very soft hands receiving the ball.

A.J. Pierzynski ? Not quite the slap hitter he used to be. He tends to pull the ball more this season, with increased power. He is most effective, however, when he's hitting to left center field. Not great at cutting down the running game, but he generally plays mistake free ball behind the plate and on the basepaths.

Aaron Rowand ? He may be the easiest out in the White Sox lineup right now. Pitchers have found that he jams himself on inside pitches because he's trying to lean across to cover the outside part of the plate. The result is lots of HBP and jam-shot grounders to short. ? Plays among the best centerfield defense in baseball.

Joe Crede ? He went on the DL with a broken finger he got on an unsuccessful bunt attempt in early September. While on the DL, he watched video and found a flaw in his swing. He has hit .344/.375/.677 with 8 HR and 21 RBI in 90 at bats since he came back. I think he should be moved up in the order (sadly, he won't be) ? One of the top defensive 3B in the AL.

Juan Uribe ? Had a disappointing season at the plate, but turned it around in August. He adjusted his batting style and has become much more patient since then. In his current form, I think he's the best # 2 hitter on the Sox, but # 8 is just as important in the NL parks. ? I think he's the best defensive SS in the AL, though he won't win the GG. That's reserved for The OC.

Carl Everett ? The White Sox DH. He is bad. Really bad. Home Run or nothing, and I can't even remember his last HR. He has a hole in his swing that you could drive a mack truck through. Low and inside offspeed stuff, or a simple change up anywhere, has him flailing wildly.

Shows how much about the American League I know: I'm not even familiar with their slang! I'd guess "The OC" is Orlando Cabrera, but really wouldn't know.

I've emailed The Cheat over there my own capsule analyses of our position players and our starting pitching, and will get him our bullpen and bench a bit later. I'll post links when he posts 'em, and will post his words on the same from the Sox between now and first pitch tomorrow.