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Game Hero, NLCS tied, 1- 1

Chris Burke
  • 2 for 4, 2 runs, 1 RBI
  • If the double that he turned into a triple wasn't
        the biggest hit of the game, the single that
        drove in Berkman was.
  • 5 for 8 in the playoffs, with a cycle:
        2 homers, 1 3B, 1 2B, and a couple singles
  • We can skip all talk of Molina's second
        double, if you'd like. . . .

All kinds of good stuff going on here in this, the Houston Astros' first road NLCS victory since October 12, 1986.

Beyond Roy Oswalt's third playoff victory lifetime (against no losses), we see Lidge complete his sixth playoff inning of the year, having given up three hits. We see Garner win his tenth playoff game (no other Astros manager has more than four).

We see three doubles from the catcher's slot, including another important hit from Ausmus. We see Lance Berkman safe at third on a fluky wild pitch that bounced perfectly back to Molina. And the goofy, talkative, hobbled, hitting-obsessed Berkman got in there safe on pure, sweet hustle.

We see the perfect way to pitch Albert Pujols (that would be with no-one on), and we see Jim Edmonds once again do his damnedest to beat the Astros.

And we see the 2005 edition do something that last year's bunch, with Jeff Kent, and Carlos Beltran, never could do: win a game in St. Louis.

But mostly, we see Chris Burke cotton to the limelight.