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So it wasn't the 24 hour virus he'd had Sunday that may have downgraded Lefty's game, it was a batting practice liner off the bat of Roy Oswalt that may have done the trick.


So assuming you had to lose, which way would you rather do it, with your best pinch-hitter never getting the call during the last-ditch and quite unexpected rally, or when the home plate umpire blows a call, and no crew member has the guts to overrule him?

I fully understand that Bagwell, had Garner chosen to pinch-hit for Astacio with him, may very well have done the same thing that Viz did.  And I certainly understand that Bagwell wasn't going to homer.

I also looked it up, couldn't help myself: Viz was 5 for 12 against Isringhausen lifetime.

Regardless of all of that, it was hard to get this game out of your head, considering the circumstances.

Ah well, if the Astros win tonight, you get what you wanted:  a split to begin the series.

And if Escobar had just gotten Crede, no-one is attacking Eddings this morning by saying it shouldn't have come to that.