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Matchup/Preview/Diary NLCS Game One at Cardinals

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Andy Pettitte   Chris Carpenter
1 - 0, 3.86   
0.86 WHIP  
1 - 0, 3.52
1.00 WHIP

Once again, Bradley Ausmus gives the Astros the coveted nod in the game preview table at the catcher's slot. He's got a better RC27 than Yadier Molina since the break, he's hitting game-tying homers in the ninth inning, he's caught more playoff games than anyone in Astros history, he's conferring with Garner on strategy in the 16th, the list goes on.

Let's hope Brad has a great NLCS, and that maybe we can finally retire the Homer Simpson comparisons.

Kind of wanted to single Ausmus out, 'cause we don't have an edge through the lineups much of anywhere else. Ensbeg over Nuñez by nearly three runs is good, and Biggio over Grudzielanek by 8/10ths would feel nice if home/road were taken into account.

Beyond that, we've got a guy who can't play the field, and three pitchers, getting the nod.

I was over at our Cardinals counterpart, Viva El Birdos, saying the Cardinals' outifeld had me not knowing whether to s***or go blind. Sanders--who's got like a 1.700 OPS against us, and who hit a nearly 500-foot home run at Minute Maid last year-- served notice during the Padres series that he's quite healthy, thank you, and Larry Walker hasn't been breaking down much lately, either.

Jim Edmonds must be slipping: it's been fifteen games since he dropped four RBI's on the 'Stros. And all Albert Pujols does against Houston is play his normal game, which is frightening enough.

I guess the game plan is as it was against Atlanta: get it to the bullpen, make the starter work sooner, rather than later.

And pitch your ass off.

RC27 After the Break
A. B.
Astro Pos Cardinal RC27
A. B.
x 3.84 Brad Ausmus C1 Yadier Molina 3.35
0.96 Raul Chavez C2 Einar Diaz 1.40 x
7.53 Lance Berkman 1B Albert Pujols 9.45 x
x 5.43 Craig Biggio 2B Mark Grudzielanek 4.64
3.71 Adam Everett SS David Eckstein 5.19 x
x 7.41 Morgan Ensberg 3B Abraham Nuñez 4.52
5.47 Jason Lane OF1 Jim Edmonds 7.27 x
5.19 Orlando Palmeiro OF2 Larry Walker 6.80 x
4.23 Willy Taveras OF3 John Rodriguez 6.63 x
3.69 Chris Burke OF4 Reggie Sanders 6.55 x
2.55 Luke Scott OF5 So Taguchi 4.62 x
x 5.08 Jeff Bagwell Util/PH1 John Mabry 3.87
3.75 Mike Lamb Util/PH2 Hector Luna 5.05 x
-0.84 Andy Pettitte P1 Chris Carpenter 1.03 x
x 0.77 Roy Oswalt P2 Mark Mulder 0.08
x 2.06 Roger Clemens P3 Matt Morris 0.54
x 3.26 Brandon Backe P4 Jeff Suppan 2.25