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This and That

Those of you who were watching around the fifteenth or sixteenth inning Sunday may remember Rick Sutcliffe getting very agitated concerning the whereabouts of Andy Pettitte.

"We don't even know where Andy Pettitte IS," he moaned, or something like it, trying to communicate that Clemens was going to in fact be the Astros' last pitcher of the day.  

Don't know if anyone's seen this, but the official site is now reporting that Pettitte had called in sick Sunday, but later on, came in to work anyway.  I can't imagine Garner using Pettitte under  any circumstances, but I can certainly imagine Pettitte in his Hummer or whatever he drives, listening to the game on the radio, as he works his way through the Houston highway system, hoping of course that the Astros would win, but also in the back of his head, maybe wishing that they'd just wait 'til he got there.

The article is actually unclear on where Pettitte was when Burke hit the shot heard 'round Texas, but maybe he was in the locker room at that point, putting on his jersey?  

I certainly didn't see Pettitte on the field during the fireworks and confetti.

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You saw, I guess, how Ken Rosenthal over at Fox kind of liked the Astros, except that he figured they'd be exhausted from the 18-inning marathon.

Wasn't sure what I thought of that, having never played an 18-inning baseball game myself, but Jim Molony thinks it's hokum.  

And Biggio, anyway, seems to have iced the fatigue and soreness away.