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So I called the Angels series dead-on, 3 - 2 Angels, and the Astros and Cardinals simply finished a game early.  I was wrong only on the Red Sox, but it was big time wrong:  Playing the way they did, Boston wouldn't have won the series with the Southsiders if it went 50 games.

So with my 3 - 1 record firmly placed in cheek, I'll take a crack at the next round:

White Sox over Angels in six --No zealot like a convert, I guess.  It may not have been so much a story of White Sox domination as Red Sox submission, but the Angels come in with their strongest suit, their rotation, in complete disarray. . . .

Astros over Cardinals in seven--What else can I say?  The Cardinals lineup is scarier than the Yankees', and Chris Carpenter looked just fine in the opener of the Padres' series. The Redbird bullpen might be exploitable, but it certainly won't appear that way to the Astros after having seen the flotsam and jetsam that was the Braves' 'pen.

By all means, chime in, and I'll do the web roundup of Cards-Astros picks tomorrow.

Still trying to get to that Sunday game story, but my point--that maybe I got a little carried away on how great a game it was-- is running away from me a little bit.

¡Adios, Yanquis!