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Thinking about Wigginton's contract with the O's


So Ty Wigginton got a 2 year/$6 million deal today.  Let's frame that in a different light.  La Troy Hawkins will make $3.5 million this year.  We're going to pay La Troy Hawkins half a million...

2009 Astros Hot Stove: Who's left


Thanks to AstroAndy's deligent payroll crunch post from yesterday, we know that the Astros have more money left to play around with than they've claimed to have (or at least we think so). ...

Astros in talks with Lo Duca


Hat to trade rumors, I could have read the article a hundred times and always skipped the last half. Wade wants another veteran catcher and we're negotiating with Lo Duca. This is an interesting signing to me because Lo Duca has a fairly adept ability to get on base. This all very preliminary because it's just negotiating, but this would probably be a plus move for us. That is, of course, if you forget about the whole My Space fiasco.

Pettitte open to Astros?


"Davidoff of Newsday engages in what reads as just pure speculation. He rationalizes the potential signing in the context of Houston's cheapness this winter with, "The Astros could stretch their payroll to make room for the Houston resident Pettitte." This seems unlikely, but would be welcomed.

Are Andy Pettitte and the Astros still in talks?


With the Yankees taking a hard line with Pettitte, does this still leave the Astros in the mix for the southpaw's services.

How to win in Major League Baseball/Why Drayton's salary cap pleas may be misguided


A lesson in resource allocation for Astros owner Drayton McLane. Hint: it's not a call for a salary cap.

Astros done dealing—except for a pure short stop


Ed Wade says he wants a short stop...is there anyone worth signing?

Big Unit inks with Giants for $8 million...Astros miss out on another


There about $4 million in incentives which could be vested for for performance marks. The press release also has this gem: "Adding Johnson to the Giants rotation now gives the club three Cy Young Award winners, including last season's winner Tim Lincecum and 2002 AL winner Barry Zito. The last team to have three Cy Young winners on the same roster was the 2002 Atlanta Braves with Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and John Smoltz." Some how, I don't think counting Zito and Johnson as still being Cy-Young caliber counts. Either way, the Astros missed out on yet another solid innings eater that would have provided a ton value for relatively cheap...**sigh**

How the Yankees may not win it all next year


Astros fans reactions to the Tex signing

Astros sign SP Clay Hensley to a minor league deal


The deal is reportedly valued at $550,000. Here's a link to Hensley's career stats, he sports a career ERA of 4.04 and an ERA+ of 98. The parade of unexciting signings marches on...

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