Houston Astros Minor League News

Astros Minor League Open Thread

How could I have not thought about posting this until games have already started? Crazy me! Let's dig into the minor leagues on this Astros off-day! Oklahoma City RedHawks at Tacoma Pitching: Jose...

Astros Trade Deadline Prospect Return Analysis

The Astros sent away six players to four teams and their return was eleven prospects, two players to be named later, and two more major leagues players. The trade infused a lot of talent into the system to fill some holes and build more depth.

Who Are The Astros Under-The-Radar Pitching Prospects?

Looking for pitching prospects who haven't hit the big time...yet.

Legends First-Hand: All You Can't See In A Box Score

Lots of things between the lines of a box score in Tuesday night's Lexington Legends game.

Astros Under the Radar Prospects?

While everyone is fixated on how the new crop of draftees and some of the high profile prior year draftees and acquisitions are doing, I decided to see if there were any intriguing under the radar prospects that might bear watching.

Nolan Fontana's Placement Not Entirely Unprecedented

The Florida shortstop will be skipping short season ball, a first for scouting director Bobby Heck but not entirely out of the ordinary for Jeff Luhnow.

A Turning Point In The Astros Farm System

The Astros farm system is turning a corner. Several years of bad drafts culminating in the apocalyptic 2007 debacle are finally starting to fade into the rearview mirror. The 2008 through 2011...

Corpus Christi Hooks Manager Keith Bodie On Player Development

I sat down to talk with Corpus Christi Hooks Manager Keith Bodie about his players on Saturday. I got that, but I got a great deal more. Prompted by my question about the streaky win-loss record of...

Astros Minor League Bullpen Regulators In Waiting

Those who know me know that I am enamored with good pitching. And not just starting pitching. I love me an effective relief pitcher. So it almost goes without saying that I have really enjoyed the...

Astros Minor League Open Thread

Let's discuss some minor league action, complete with starting pitching matchups and any relevant info here: Oklahoma City RedHawks at Colorado Springs Sky Sox, 5:05 p.m. CST Jordan Lyles vs. Drew...

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