Houston Astros Hot Stove News

Astros sign Houstonian Albers


Astros fortify bullpen with reliever Matt Albers.

PODCAST: Winter Meatings


Winter meeting rumors, the hot stove acquisitions and more.

Astros Take Patrick Schuster...no, wait


The Astros and Padres swapped places in the Rule 5 draft last night. The Padres got Schuster and the Astros passed on the major league phase.

Astros' Rumors From Tuesday


Chad Gaudin, Mike Morse, Jose Veras, Grady Sizemore, Corey Hart and Joba Chamberlin are all names that were connected with the Astros on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings.



More players the Astros could potentially select in the Rule 5 draft December 12, 2013.

Astros Winter Discussion Thread: 2013-12-10


Some things to discuss as the Hot Stove season unfolds for the Astros

2013 Winter Meetings Opening Day


Jeff Luhnow makes the excursion from Mexico City to Orlando where he discusses the Astros plan of attack for the rest of the offseason. Meanwhile, Lucas Harrell draws interest.

How the pieces fit so far


Taking a look at how the Astros most recent acquisitions affect the 2014 roster.

Houston Baseball Isn't Dead


The Astros acquisitions of Dexter Fowler and Scott Feldman prove fans are hungry for something, anything exciting

LIVE: Hot Stove Frenzy


A discussion with Greg Stanwood of Purple Row regarding the Astros acquisition of Dexter Fowler and a player to be named later for Brandon Barnes and Jordan Lyles.


Astros Sign Former Astro, Chad Qualls


Astros bring back a recognizable name in Chad Qualls. This is the first attempt the Astros have made this off-season to improve the bullpen.

PODCAST: Dexter Fowler and Scott Feldman


Reaction and analysis of the Astros trading for Dexter Fowler and signing Scott Feldman.

LIVE: Dexter Fowler Trade & Scott Feldman Signing


The TCB staff discusses the Astros acquisitions of outfielder Dexter Fowler and pitcher Scott Feldman.

Scott Feldman signing not flashy but effective


Astros signing of Scott Feldman is sexy by no means, but it's effective. Why am I suddenly hungry for a sandwich?

Twitter Responds to the Astros signing Feldman


Twitter reacts to the Astros signing pitcher Scott Feldman.

Astros Sign RHP Scott Feldman to 3Y $30M


According to FoxSports.com, the Astros have signed right-handed starting pitcher Scott Feldman to a 3-year, $30 million deal.

Roundup of hot stove action since Tuesday-geddon


What's been happening in the hot stove league since all of the moves got made on Tuesday?

The 2014 Bizarro-Astros


Guest contributor extraordinaire Edward S. Garza looks at what the Astros might have been.

Someone Called The Fowler Trade


A listener asked the question and we responded to the possibility of the Astros trading for Dexter Fowler.

So Long, Jordan Lyles, We Hardly Knew Ye


There was a time when Jordan Lyles was the only future Astros fans had to dream on. Watching the youngster develop as a professional was often frustrating, but watching him leave is like the end of...

Fowler Acquired. What Happens Next?


Now that the first domino has fallen for the Astros, buckle your seat belts for a wild offseason ahead...

Astros Sign Peter Moylan...and the people rejoice


Astros agree to terms with relief pitcher Peter Moylan.

Shin Soo Choo, Matt Holliday, and wRC+


How does Shin Soo Choo compare to Matt Holliday in creating runs?

Choo in an Astros Uniform?


CBS predicts Choo will be an Astro next season, but is it the right move?

Astros' Free Agency Preview


Astros, free agency and Billy Butler.

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