Michael Feliz' Date of Birth Has Been Updated

The good news is that he is 3 months older than he had been listed rather than a year and 3 months older. The Date of Birth is now 6/28/1993 on (click on link above); it had been listed as 9/28/1993 there and at Baseball-Reference (and still is, for now).

Quad Cities Home Games will be on MiLBTV in 2014

If you scroll down to the bottom of that linked page you'll see the team is now listed with the very few clubs under AA who broadcast their home games on the system. Not sure whether they all will be on MiLBTV but this is big news for those of us who ardently follow the minors (or can't watch the major league Astros literally or figuratively).

Altuve Needs Our Help!

He was up BIG early, but is now trailing. Voting ends tomorrow morning. You can vote up to 25 times with one Twitter account. Let's help get Tiny Tuve onto the next round. He already beat Yadier Molina. Posey is tough! Tweet #JoseAltuve #FaceofMLB

Comcast Acquiring TWC - Any Impact on Astros

I haven't been following the legal proceedings but I'm curious if anyone knows how (if at all) Comcast acquiring TWC would impact CSN Houston availability? Obviously all of this is subject to getting approved by regulators... any impact on the lawsuit hearings themselves?

Great glimpse into Collin McHugh

I found it very interesting. And I think it's encouraging to know his mindset.

Interesting read on Brian WIlson

Thought this was interesting, especially the personal part, seems like he has the toughness and is willing to help mentor along other players (Isn't this the Bo Porter way). As good as he was for the giants a while back, it would be good to sign him and see if he can come back all the way from Tommy John surgery next year.

Astros 2011-2013 is one of the worst stretches of MLB ever

The Astros are being turned in the right direction, as organizational talent continues to climb. Those improvements aren't yet making an impact at the big league level, and the team just completed MLB's worst 3-year stretch since the early 1960s.

Cosart, McCullers, Folty, Tropeano, and Wojo vs MLB's Top Starter Prospects

The above link will redirect you to a report I published at SBNation's and John Sickels' minorleagueball site that shows how these 5 Astros compare to Sickels' top pre-2013 prospects based on their 2013 performance at the 4 fielding- and ballpark-independent stats that I've been publishing data on here at The Crawfish Boxes.

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