Astros Logo Idea


I came up with this concept for an Astros logo after seeing a few other concepts online. I feel like it effectively captures our history while remaining modern and getting rid of that stupid circle. What do you guys think? Improvement?

Prospect Profile: Delino DeShields Jr.


Profile + interview...I wrote a profile on Houston Astros prospect Delino DeShields Jr. Getting my feet wet into the player development/prospect side of baseball, so any feedback is welcome.

Murph's influence on Castro


I have to admit, this is a shameless plug for a family member. (Murph is my brother-in-law:-) Go Astros!

Bedard article from Canada


Bedard talks to a Canadian sportswriter. It's in French. He says some nice things about the Astros: (via Google Translate) "Me, I would not mind to stay, the team is pretty fun. This is a good group of guys and I also like to throw in a covered stadium where it always 75 degrees (Fahrenheit). But I have no idea what will happen, "he added.

Help JFK's Quote of the Day:


Hello, I’m jrockies and a member of Purple Row. Every day I post a baseball related quote to the site noted as "JFK’s Quote of the Day." I have, however, come up with a problem. Most of the quotes I have are from former players/coaches (Berra, Mayes, Hornsby, Peter Uueberroth, etc.) or older authors and sports writers (Boswell, Russell Baker, Kahn, etc.) and I don’t have many from players and writers of today’s period. As an attempt to build my list of quotes I have decided to ask the different baseball communities around SBNation to help me out. I don’t get to read local articles for non-Denver teams very often and I know that players have said something wise/funny/absurd that should be remembered somewhere ("These are thin mints. I put them in the freezer. My favorites. So good." ~Reds outfielder Adam Dunn, on the Girl Scout cookies he keeps in his locker) So here is the challenge: In the comments section post your all-time favorite baseball quotes (I don’t have all of them) and your favorite quotes you’ve heard from around the league in recent years. For the next two weeks I will post my quote of the day in the comments here. Thanks, jrockies JFK

Bud Norris: Diamond in the Rough


Take a look at how good Bud Norris has been over the past few seasons, especially at Minute Maid Park!

Some game notes on Astros prospects


Hi, I write for True Blue LA and am am getting my feet wet in the scouting/prospect world. I went on my first trip Wednesday and wrote about it here. There are several notes on Lancaster's players and I tweeted out a few as well ( I think you will like it quite a bit.

Jason Castro's Breakout Season


In addition to the link below, this is a longer piece focusing on how Jason Castro has shown so much improvement.

Jason Castro Among Top Performers


Jason Castro has been ranked among the top hitting performers in all of baseball last week!

In the crapper


Well, since nobody else on this blog seems to want to mention the story that the nation is now talking about, here ya go. "Cell phone video shows a ball park snow cone vendor sitting on a toilet in a stall with an entire box full of the products he’s about to sell. They sit on the bathroom floor right next to him."

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