Keith Law Releases Mid-Season Top 50

Rob Foldy

Keith Law released his new top 50 prospects and while the graduation of Springer and Singleton may color you un-enthused, there may be a surprise.

Top prospects lists are fun...but we all know what it means when your favorite team has a top prospect in AAA. Soon, you'll no longer have one of those, or at least as many of them, at the top. That's exactly what Astros fans were in for this year.

It's bittersweet. You love to brag about how strong the farm is based on having X number of players in the top 50/100 prospects. But, that takes a hit with a promotion. BUT, you have that player on the big stage.

Keith Law had Carlos Correa at #4, Mark Appel at #11, and George Springer at #19 coming into the season.

Springer is no longer eligible for Keith Law's newly released Mid-Season Top 50.

Appel has...well...performed VERY poorly.

And Correa is out for the season after playing VERY well.

And the candidate, Jonathan Singleton, to shoot up from his 78th ranking after smashing in AAA, is also no longer eligible.

Every top prospect list has Astros fans a little less excited right now. They could include as little as one prospect in the top 50, Correa.

Yet, Correa stays high at #3.

Appel drops to #33. May I also point out that according to Law, he is still the 15th best pitching prospect in baseball. A drop, sure, but not a bust yet.

And, here's the surprise. Rio Ruiz came in at #47.

Law reports that Appel has been as high as 97/98 this year and has had trouble with the slider due to wrist and thumb injuries.

That velocity report brought up some issues on twitter since some of the BP Prospect team quickly pointed out that they hadn't seen velocity from him that high. They had seen mostly low 90's and a high of 95/96. No, the BP crew hasn't been at every start. Yes, his velocity has been very sporadic. Luhnow mentioned before Appel came back from EST that he had hit 98 down there.

This is not meant to to spur Appel arguments. Only to point out that consistency is one of the reasons for the minors. Prospects are not consistent players. Hence the need for development.

Ruiz has been good this year. Very good actually. However, I've been fooled by Lancaster before. He's young. He's strong. He's talented. I like him a lot. I think 47 is a bit rich for me right given his age and his hitting environment. Yet, it is exciting to see recognition like this. Gives me a little more confidence.

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