Monday's Three Astros Things

Talking about TCB help wanted, Cosart's inning limits and CSN Houston updates...

Some things to talk about while we hit the baseball doldrums...

1) Help wanted

Are you, dear reader, looking for a creative outlet? Do you love watching the Astros, even when they drive you crazy with all those losses and head-scratching moves? Do you enjoy the atmosphere here at TCB and want to add your own perspective to things?

Well, we're looking for more writers around here. Specifically, we're looking for some help with game recaps. We want someone who can commit to picking up one day a week, so the time commitment won't be that great. Also, as you may have seen from some of our past recaps, we look for something different. Instead of being a boring play-by-play listing, we want them to be about whatever strikes you during the game. Feel free to be as creative with them as you'd like.

If you're interested, feel free to email me at and I can give you more details.

2) Cosart on innings limit

GoGood note from Brian McTaggart om this weekend on why Jarred Cosart didn't start the series finale with Boston:

"When I first came over here, Jeff said they were going to do a 20-percent increase in my innings every year until I got to 200," Cosart said. "By that time, I'll have a couple of years under my belt and hopefully we'll be fighting for a playoff spot, so my innings won't really matter. They didn't tell me an exact number [of innings], but if you go off 20 percent of last year, it would be right around [190]."

Innings limits may not be the best measure of why a pitcher gets hurt. There are much more sophisticated ways of pampering young arms.  But, it certainly doesn't help to be careful with workloads. Houston knows Cosart could be around for a while and it seems like the team has been up front with him about their plan. If he's on board, then everything's good. Still, it could make the end of the season's rotation a bit dicier, as I'm sure Collin McHugh might hit an innings wall as well at some point.

3) CSN Houston updates

From David Barron this morning, we get some updates on what's going on with the CSN Houston negotiations:

With CSNH, I don't get to feel optimistic very often. I still don't, but this is the first slight ray of hope in a ridiculously drawn-out process. Don't expect any team to be on TV soon, but this could be the first crack in something happening eventually.

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