Astros 2014 draft recap, pick-by-pick

Rich Schultz

What we are doing this draft Luhnow? The same thing we do every draft, Pinky. Try to take over the world!

Another draft is in the books for the Astros. Houston selected first overall for the third straight year. Hopefully it will be the last time they do for a long while. For now, the Astros appear to have taken another step toward a strong future.

Here is a complete list of the Astros' pick in 2014:

Round Pick Player School Position Bats/Throws
1 1 Aiken, Brady Cathedral Catholic HS (CA) LHP L/L
CB A 37 Fisher, Derek Virginia (VA) OF L/R
2 42 Reed, A.J. Kentucky (KY) 1B L/L
3 75 Davis, J.D. Cal State - Fullerton (CA) 3B R/R
4 106 Mengden, Daniel Texas A&M (TX) RHP R/R
5 136 Nix, Jacob Los Alamitos HS (CA) RHP R/R
6 166 Dykxhoorn, Brock Central Arizona College (AZ) RHP R/R
7 196 Velazquez, Derick Fresno State (CA) RHP R/R
8 226 Boyd, Bobby West Virginia (WV) CF L/R
9 256 Radziewski, Bryan Miami (FL) LHP L/L
10 286 Gause, Jay Faulkner University (AL) RHP R/R
11 316 Deetz, Dean Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (OK) RHP R/R
12 346 Bottger, Ryan University of Texas - Arlington (TX) LF S/R
13 376 Ritchie, Jamie Belmont University (TN) C R/R
14 406 Tanielu, Nick Washington State (WA) 2B R/R
15 436 Goedert, Connor Neosho County CC (KS) 3B R/R
16 466 Laureano, Ramon Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (OK) LF R/R
17 496 Smith, Ben Coastal Carolina (SC) LHP L/L
18 526 Nunez, Antonio Western Oklahoma State (OK) SS R/R
19 556 Castro, Ruben Puerto Rico Baseball Academy (Puerto Rico) C L/R
20 586 Woodward, Trent Fresno State (CA) C S/R
21 616 Marshall, Mac Parkview HS (GA) LHP R/L
22 646 Muniz, Bryan Southeastern University (FL) 1B R/R
23 676 Thompson, Ryan Campbell University (NC) RHP R/R
24 706 Wheeland, Vince Oklahoma State (OK) RHP R/R
25 736 Davis, Zach University of Central Missouri (MO) LHP L/L
26 766 Hyde, Mott Georgia Tech (GA) 2B R/R
27 796 McNitt, Brandon SUNY Stony Brook (NY) RHP R/R
28 826 Greenwood, Aaron Ole Miss (MS) RHP R/R
29 856 Gonzalez, Richard Alabama State University (AL) C R/R
30 886 McMullen, Sean LSU (LA) OF L/L
31 916 McCall, Dexture Hillsborough CC (FL) 1B R/R
32 946 Kahana, Robert Kansas (KS) RHP R/R
33 976 Medina, Edwin St. Thomas University (FL) OF R/R
34 1006 James, Joshua Western Oklahoma State (OK) RHP R/R
35 1036 Yuhl, Keegan Concordia University (CA) RHP R/R
36 1066 Ferrell, Justin Connors State (OK) RHP R/R
37 1096 Peterson, Eric North Carolina State (NC) RHP R/R
38 1126 Foster, Michael Northeastern (MA) 2B R/R
39 1156 Antchak, Brad Northeastern Oklahoma A&M (OK) SS R/R
40 1186 Hernandez, Alexander Miami (FL) 2B R/R

Draft Totals

21 - Postion Players
20 - Pitchers

37 - College Players
4 - Highschool Players

4 - Catchers
3 - 1st Baseman
4 - 2nd Baseman
2 - 3rd Baseman
2 - Shortstops
6 - Outfielders
5 - Left-Handed Pitchers
15 - Right-Handed Pitchers

Check back shortly for a breakdown of each pick from our MiLB team.

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