2014 MLB All-Star Game: Altuve in mix at second base, Two Astros projected on team

Hunter Martin

What's going on with the All-Star voting? Who does Jeff Passan project onto the team?

Sunday saw the release of the latest voting results for the American League All-Star voting. Again, only one Astro made the list, as Jose Altuve sits in fourth among second basemen. Here:

Robinson Cano, Mariners -- 2,007,055
Ian Kinsler, Tigers -- 1,338,272
Dustin Pedroia, Red Sox -- 1,264,329
Jose Altuve, Astros -- 932,978
Brian Dozier, Twins -- 841,980

It apears that Cano will be the starter going away, but Altuve is close enough to second place that he could get there with a strong push from Astros fans. The official team will be announced on July 5-6 and voting ends on July 3.

Combine that with Jeff Passan's projected All-Star rosters, which he also released on Sunday. In it, Passan does the unthinkable. He picks two Astros as likely to make the AL team.

His first name (and his likeliest Astros representative) is Dallas Keuchel. But, he also brings up the very likely possibility that Altuve will make the team as a backup second baseman. Here's what Passan said about it:

Jose Altuve, the Astros' second All-Star and the guess as for who the players will pick. Here's the problem: They can also choose Ian Kinsler. Or Dustin Pedroia. Or Brian Dozier. So even though he does belong there, Altuve could conceivably end up one of the snubs, particularly if the players don't vote him in and he's not leading the league in batting average at the time of the announcement in two weeks. Farrell won't face quite the pressure. Ultimately, he will need to pick Dozier to satisfy the hometown Twins, whose other candidate, starter Phil Hughes, faces an even deeper pool of candidates.

The last time we talked about this, we found that it's rare for more than two second basemen to be named to the AL team. But, with expanded rosters, we could see three AL players make it. If we assume Dozier will be the Twins' only All-Star, that puts Altuve in with Pedroia and Kinsler for a possible third spot.

But, there's also a chance that Altuve would be placed on the final Fan Vote ballot if he finishes high enough in the voting. There's also a possibility of him getting added thanks to an injury, but I'm sure Astros fans won't want to count on that.

The long-shot option is going with four second baseman. But, the only way that happens is if Kinsler is selected as a utlilityman, as he can also play third base.

What do you think? Will two Astros make the team? Who's more likely, Keuchel or Altuve?

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