The 2014 Predict the Astros' Draft Selections Contest

I've set up a Google form to handle the entries.

To ease the data entry process, you should first create a list of 41 players who you feel the Astros may draft at some point in their 41 selections (made Thursday June 5th through Saturday June 7th) using a spreadsheet or word processor (spell correctly!). Then click the link to the data entry form near the bottom of this FanPost and copy and paste the text of your selections over to the text boxes there.

The basic rules are:

  • one entry per SBNation username
  • entries close one hour before the draft starts (submit by 5PM central on Thursday, June 5)
  • no changes permitted once the Google form is submitted (some may wish to wait until closer to the entry deadline)
  • entrant gets 1 point for each unique player on their list that the Astros draft, and the most points wins
  • the tiebreaker, if needed, will defer to the entrant who best predicted the earliest real picks. If one nailed the first overall pick and the other didn't the one who got it right wins (for the purposes of this tiebreaker, to get the first pick "right" the actual first pick has to be entered as the first entry on the form). If two got the first pick right and a third tie-er didn't, then the wrong one drops out of the tie and we move on and evaluate the Astros actual second pick similarly to break the tie between the two survivors.
  • the grand prize is that the winner may place "Champion, 2014 Predict the Astros' Draft Selections Contest" in their SBNation username signature

Here is the LINK TO THE GOOGLE FORM where the participants will enter their data. Again, making a list of the 41 players is strongly advised before attempting to fill out the form. Use any particular strategy you choose to (all pitchers, all collegians, whatever) - it need not resemble a realistic draft list.

Here are some useful links to help with assembling your list of 41 players. The Top 100 draft prospects can be accessed here by clicking on the "100 DRAFT" tab near the top of the screen; scouting reports and video are available. The stats portal is also nice in that it provides stats and the players' collegiate class status: teams list here, leaderboards here. TheBaseballCube also provides most collegians' stats at the individual or team level.

Lastly, please click the green REC box that appears before the Comments if you'd like this FanPost to remain in the recommended FanPosts section throughout the draft and the week leading up to it.

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