Tuesday happy thoughts

Man, the difference between Saturday morning and Tuesday morning is incredible. Winning does that. Here are three questions that interest me, and my attempt at answers:

1. Can the Astros be buyers at the deadline?

2. What would it take to get a player like Matt Adams and should we?

3. When do we leverage upper minors' depth for MLB talent?

To the first question, yes. I even though the Astros should have been buyers at the last deadline, provided they could get players under control who could help the team in 2014, knowing the perils of free agency. I would like to see the Astros add a bullpen arm and possibly a bat, depending on whether Guzman, Carter, and Krauss are still struggling, and whether Singleton looks like he needs a little protection from exposure.

To the second question, Matt Adams is the ideal bat; he can flat-out hit, and the Cards might not have room for him if they put Taveras in right, and move Craig back to 1b. Imagine Adams as a DH! What combination of players could the Astros put together? Maybe one of the power arms (McCullers, Velazquez, or Folty) + a utility player like Marwin + Tony Sipp? How stack is the Cards system and would they want to load up? Or perhaps a three-way trade in which they get a #3 starter, and we sent that package elsewhere?

But should we get Matt Adams? Really a two-tool player? Do we have a viable DH in our system, a guy who looks like a wRC+ 120 player? Or should we just put our worst fielding OF, in what will be a crowded OF, at DH in a year or two (maybe Grossman, Tucker, or Santana?)

To the third question, NOW! Or at least soon. Are there teams out there will poor upper-level depth, who would give up an 8th inning guy for some combination of Oberholtzer, Austin Wates, Nolan Fontana, and a lower level guy like Teoscar? Or Tony Kemp? Do any of the following players have value to other teams: Torreyes? K Hernandez? Heineman? Rene Garcia? J Meyer? Matt Duffy? Or what about our slew of lefties in Corpus: Shirley, Rollins, L Cruz, Sogard? If a team Milwaukee fades in July, and has such a weak system, would they trade one of their relievers who is what we hope Fields will be, for 4-5 C/C+ prospects?

What kind of teams lack upper level catching depth? What if we centered a package around that? Heineman, Garcia, or Perez, plus a couple of additional players (maybe Aplin), for a right-handed bat?

The goal, to conclude, is to get players who will be more reliable sources of help for 2015, so that we go into next season with fewer question marks. We've speculated about putting together mega packages, but what about smaller packages for the kind of players that team look to deal at the deadline? We're not desperate b/c we won't be in contention, but could certainly offer more than most teams.

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