College Update: The 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament Field Is Set

Stephen Dunn

The field of 64 is set - which draft prospects will prolong their college careers, and which ones - like Carlos Rodon - find themselves on the outside looking in?

The field of 64 is officially set for the 2014 NCAA Baseball Tournament. The full bracket can be seen here, but here's the basic version, as well as draft prospects to keep your eye on:

Corvallis, Oregon
1. Oregon State
3. UC Irvine
4. North Dakota State

Draft-eligible players to Watch in this Regional:
LHP Jace Fry - Oregon State
LHP Ben Wetzler - Oregon State
OF Michael Conforto - Oregon State
RHP Andrew Morales - UC Irvine
1B Connor Spencer - UC Irvine
RHP John Richy - UNLV
SS Wes Satzinger - North Dakota State

Stillwater, Oklahoma
1. Oklahoma State 
2. Nebraska
3. Cal State Fullerton
4. Binghamton

Players to Watch:
LHP Zach Hirsch - Nebraska
RHP Grahamm Wiest - Cal State Fullerton
RHP Koby Gauna - Cal State Fullerton
3B Matt Chapman - Cal State Fullerton
OF/1B J.D. Davis - Cal State Fullerton
2B Daniel Nevares - Binghamton
CF Bill Bereszniewicz - Binghamton
LF Jake Thomas - Binghamton

Houston, Texas
1. Rice
2. Texas
3. Texas A&M
4. George Mason

Players to Watch:
C Skyler Ewing - Rice
CF Mark Payton - Texas
2B Brooks Marlow - Texas
RHP Daniel Mengden - Texas A&M
3B Logan Nottebrok - Texas A&M
CF Luke Willis - George Mason
LHP Jake Kalish - George Mason

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
1. LSU
2. Houston
3. Bryant
4. Southeastern Louisiana

Players to Watch:
RHP Aaron Nola - LSU
LF Sean McMullen - LSU
C Tyler Moore - LSU
3B Christian Ibarra - LSU
RHP Aaron Garza - Houston
LHP Tyler Ford - Houston
1B Casey Grayson - Houston
2B/SS Frankie Ratcliff - Houston
LF Michael Pyeatt - Houston
RHP Kevin McAvoy - Bryant
C/1B Tom Gavitt - Bryant
CF Carl Anderson - Bryant
RF Andrew Godbold - Southeastern Louisiana
RHP Andro Cutura - Southeastern Louisiana

Tallahassee, Florida
1. Florida State
2. Alabama
3. Kennesaw State
4. Georgia Southern

Players to Watch:
RHP Luke Weaver - Florida State
RHP Gage Smith - Florida State
1B John Nogowski - Florida State
RF Josh Delph - Florida State
RF Ben Moore - Alabama
C Max Pentecost - Kennesaw State
CF Bo Way - Kennesaw State
LF Stryker Brown - Georgia Southern
RF Aaron Mizell - Georgia Southern

Louisville, Kentucky
1. Louisville
2. Kentucky
3. Kansas
4. Kent State

Players to Watch:
RHP Nick Burdi - Louisville
LHP Kyle McGrath - Louisville
RHP Jared Ruxer - Louisville
1B Grant Kay - Louisville
CF Cole Sturgeon - Louisville
C Michael Thomas - Kentucky
3B Max Kuhn - Kentucky
RHP Spencer Jack - Kentucky
RHP Frank Duncan - Kansas
SS Justin Protacio - Kansas
LF Michael Suiter - Kansas
CF Tucker Tharp - Kansas
CF Alex Miklos - Kent State
1B Cody Koch - Kent State
RF T.J. Sutton - Kent State

Nashville, Tennessee
1. Vanderbilt
2. Oregon
3. Clemson
4. Xavier

Players to Watch:
SS Vince Conde - Vanderbilt
RHP Brian Miller - Vanderbilt
RHP Jeff Gold - Oregon
RHP Daniel Gossett - Clemson
CF Tyler Slaton - Clemson
LF Garrett Boulware - Clemson
SS Jay Baum - Clemson
C Derek Hasenbeck - Xavier

Bloomington, Indiana
1. Indiana
2. Indiana State
3. Stanford
4. Youngstown State

Players to Watch:
1B Sam Travis - Indiana
C Kyle Schwarber - Indiana
C Mike Fitzgerald - Indiana State
3B Alex Blandino - Stanford
CF Austin Slater - Stanford
2B Phil Lipari - Youngstown State

Gainesville, Florida
1. Florida
2. Long Beach State
3. North Carolina
4. College of Charleston

Players to Watch:
LHP Bobby Poyner - Florida
2B Casey Turgeon - Florida
C Taylor Gushue - Florida
C Braden Mattson - Florida
RF Richard Prigatano - Long Beach State
RHP Michael Rohrbach - Long Beach State
SS Michael Russell - North Carolina
SS Gunner Heidt - College of Charleston

Miami, Florida
1. Miami
2. Texas Tech
3. Columbia
4. Bethune-Cookman

Players to Watch:
LHP Andrew Suarez - Miami
LHP Brad Radziewski - Miami
CF Dale Carey - Miami
1B Adam Kirsch - Texas Tech
RHP Corey Taylor - Texas Tech
LHP Jonny Drozd - Texas Tech
OF Gus Craig - Columbia
LHP David Speer - Columbia
1B Eric Sams - Bethune-Cookman
RHP Montana Durapau - Bethune-Cookman

San Luis Obispo, California
1. Cal Poly
2. Arizona State
3. Pepperdine
4. Sacramento State

Players to Watch:
LHP Matt Imhof - Cal Poly
SS Drew Stankiewicz - Arizona State
C Nathaniel Causey - Arizona State
LF Jake Peevyhouse - Arizona State
LHP Aaron Brown - Pepperdine
CF David Del Grande - Sacramento State
1B Rhys Hoskins - Sacramento State
RHP Brennan Leitao - Sacramento State

Fort Worth, Texas
1. TCU
2. Dallas Baptist
3. Sam Houston State
4. Siena

Players to Watch:
RHP Preston Morrison - TCU
LHP Brandon Finnegan - TCU
RHP Jordan Kipper - TCU
CF Cody Jones - TCU
3B Derek Odell - TCU
C Kyle Bacak - TCU
1B Kevin Cron - TCU
2B/OF Drew Turbin - Dallas Baptist
LHP Alan Scott - Sam Houston State
RF John Rooney - Siena

Lafayette, Louisiana
1. Louisiana - Lafayette
2. Mississippi State
3. San Diego State
4. Jackson State

Players to Watch:
LF Caleb Adams - Louisiana Lafayette
1B Chase Compton - Louisiana Lafayette
2B Jace Conrad - Louisiana Lafayette
3B Tyler Girouard - Louisiana Lafayette
RHP Carson Baranik - Louisiana Lafayette
RHP Austin Robichaux - Louisiana Lafayette
LHP Jacob Lindgren - Mississippi State
RHP Jonathan Holder - Mississippi State
RHP Trevor Fitts - Mississippi State
SS Seth Heck - Mississippi State
2B/RHP Desmond Russell - Jackson State
3B Melvin Rodriguez - Jackson State

Oxford, Mississippi
1. Ole Miss
2. Washington
3. Georgia Tech
4. Jacksonville State

Players to Watch:
CF Auston Bousfield - Ole Miss
3B Austin Anderson - Ole Miss
LHP Christian Trent - Ole Miss
LHP Jeremy Massie - Ole Miss
RHP Scott Weathers - Ole Miss
RHP Tyler Davis - Washington
RHP Jeff Brigham - Washington
2B Andrew Ely - Washington
IF Thomas Smith - Georgia Tech
SS Mott Hyde - Georgia Tech
RF Griff Gordon - Jacksonville State

Columbia, South Carolina
1. South Carolina
2. Maryland
3. Old Dominion
4. Campbell

Players to Watch:
RHP Joel Seddon - South Carolina
C Grayson Greiner - South Carolina
3B Joey Pankake - South Carolina
CF Charlie White - Maryland
RHP Jake Stinnett - Maryland
RHP Bobby Ruse - Maryland
RHP Heath Bowers - Campbell

Charlottesville, Virginia
1. Virginia
2. Arkansas
3. Liberty
4. Bucknell

Players to Watch:
1B Mike Papi - Virginia
CF Brandon Downes - Virginia
2B Branden Cogswell - Virginia
RHP Nick Howard - Virginia
LHP Jalen Beeks - Arkansas
LF Joe Serrano - Arkansas
2B Ryan Seiz - Liberty
LHP Shawn Clowers - Liberty
RHP Ashton Perritt - Liberty
LHP Xavier Hammond - Bucknell

Games begin May 30.

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