The attempted rebuttal to Nonsense and Sensibilities (Part One) :Journalist are bad for a reason.

Mark Mckinnon said, "I think the press has an interest in communicating to its viewers or readers, and their viewers or readers drive profit for those news organizations, so I think those news organizations have a certain bias toward their own readers. Yeah, I think they are a special interest. Of course they are."

There is a reason journalist produce bad articles, or put up tweets that make people go off. They are in it for views. The whole point of news is to inform the people about what is going on. National, and local news outlets have this job. They, though have to compete with other outlets for viewership. Every outlet has to do something to gain readers, or viewers. For example ESPN puts up guys like Skip bayless in order to make people watch. Bayless will say something stupid, like, " All he does is win," and automatically everyone watching starts hating on him because he thinks Tebow is good.

Now Perry says that journalist must have some time of ethical integrity, but when did journalist ever have this integrity. We know historically about yellow journalism, and how the journalist would use no facts whatspever in order to get more attention. Ok so maybe you’re thinking that I am helping validate Perry’s point on this whole thing. Let me treat you to something I like to call money.

In Economics, the goal of all entrepreneurs in the end is to make money. In turn the goal for newspapers is to make money. We know that the Chronicle makes money on subscribers, just like ESPN. How would you get subscribers without headlines that reflect the general idea of the populace. For example TCB readers tend to be people who think sensibly, have high IQ’s, very knowledgeable about baseball etc. The chron on the other hand tends to try to get the casual fan, who likes to read about the "Lose now" era Astros. The Chron gets those kind of subscribers.

Now let’s talk about click syndrome and basing things on nothing. On ESPN, Keith Law, Todd Mcshay seem to write mock drafts with no actual basis for any picks whatsoever. Did they really know that the Texans would take clowney, or have any reasoning other than, " The TEXANS defense would be beast." Now why did they do this? VIEWS

Ok, so views matter. Why can’t Ortiz write a well thought out article with some knowledge? It is because nobody wants that. Everyone wants to wonder when folty will come up, rather than hearing about Owens FIP.


When did journalist use references? I mean really. Someone has got to bring the stuff out of the blue to make headlines. Let’s take for example Adam Schefter. He always says, " One source inside (insert team name) camp says ( person) will not sign with team. How do we know that he isn’t just making stuff up, how are we supposed to trust references? Are we forced to cite MLA format just to write an article. The big media outlets don’t always have the same sources, so the corroboration may not exist. Sometimes even yahoo will take something from ESPN, or Bleacher Report. This is journalism, it is a cruel world now, not a world made up of the informed. It is a world made up of biased informers, who are biased just for views, just so that they can keep a job.


This was the toughest thing for me to write, because I actually agree with Perry. I wanted to play Devil’s advocate though. If it looks like I am not even disagreeing with Perry’s remarks then ignore this, and move about your days.

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