Making the Case for the 2014 Houston Astros (part 1 of MANY): The Infield

Before "we" as in (you and I) delve deep into the Astros current roster I’d first like to say…err…write a few words.

1. Our beloved Stros have fallen on hard times. Harder still is the body count of fellow die-hard fans, but the staff of the Crawfish boxes have done a tremendous job of informing, enlightening, and most of all entertaining the hell out of me and my fellow Astros brethren, does thou disagree? (Was that a run-on?) And I basically wanted to say we keep coming back, because of you guys. Thanks

2. I myself am a sudo-saber metrics kinda guy. As much as I love the aspects of saber metrics, I must admit I still have trouble understanding all of them. I more or less look at the players and base my opinions on their complete body of work, stats included. But I do not base anything purely on stats, because the stat-heads have yet to measure the amount of HEART in an individual and I also believe stats can sometimes be misleading and not exactly show the whole picture. That being said, I still love stats

3. These are my OPINIONS. I’m not out to make you mad, because I am merely a Stros fan just like you. After all, were all on the same team...he he

4. I am in no way, shape, or form a literary genius. So if you see a run-on or a grammatical error. Please don't bother pointing it out. Why? Because I don't give a rat's A**, that's why. :)

With all that being said…LET US BEGIN!!!

The Astros have looked down-right horrific the past month or so. Which has some (myself included) worried that we may be looking at yet another 100 loss season. But is there any positives? Is anyone on OUR team apart of the future? How much more "experimenting" must we endure before the tide turns in our favor? Well let's look at the team and see if we can’t figure this whole damn thing out, starting with the infield. 

CATCHER: Castro and Corp

What’s there to say except that that’s not a bad combo. Castro’s cannon of an arm and his defense behind the plate could be considered one of the best in the league if not somewhere in the top half of MLB’s starting catchers. He’s dipped a bit in production (so far) this year, but I think that might have a little something to do with being one of the few guys who is expected to produce. That expectation may have him over-thinking his approach and he could be pressing too hard at the plate. But I think none of us are really too concerned with him and we all know he’ll come around at some point and return to form hopefully sooner rather than later. And as far as back-up catchers are concerned. Corps no Quintero, but he ain’t no Chris Snyder either (thank jeebus) and I also think he brings a good clubhouse presence. Just a guess though.


1ST BASE: Krauss and Guzman

Krauss’ approach at the plate looks pretty nice as of late. He doesn't swing and miss a lot (no more than anyone else anyways) or chases pitches he has no business chasing i.e. Brett Wallace. This has led to .304 OBP. Nothing too dazzling but it’s significantly better than Guzman's. So I think until Singleton arrives or a major trade happens he should be playing everyday. Just a thought IMO. And Guzman has looked pitiful with the exception of the 1st game against the Yanks and I believe his time with the Astros will be even more short-lived then me finishing this sente-

Oh and if your wondering why he-who-shall-not-be-named is excluded from 1st base, it is because he has no business being on the field much-less on an MLB team. He is probably the most hated man on the team, so I will reserve his name for another blog and designate his role as the DH. You know who...


2ND BASE: My boy Altuve!

Maybe it’s the fact that we share the same height, but he is my favorite player. He’s just a notch above Matty D in the favoritism department but nonetheless just a great baseball player. With the exception of power he’s everything you want on a MLB team. He’s always smiling, having a great time, and he always gives it his all. A solid defender, a base-stealer, the kid can hit and has been taking more walks this season. Oh and he doesn’t get injured like everyone else. What more can I say, except I hope he’s with the astros for a long time to come.


SS: Villar

Holy Crap, Batman! Did anyone think Villar was going to be this good this early or at all? I mean after last season I had my doubts as I’m sure a few or most of you had as well. But this guy has really impressed me so far this year. Granted his average is hovering around the .230 range as I write this, but he’s already hit 5 bombs in a little over 100 AB’s and no one can argue with his speed. His defense can only get better I believe, even though he’s currently tied with King George in errors. But let’s remember he plays SS and some of the plays he’s made so far this year have been nasty good. I’m not saying he’s THE GREATEST WHO EVER LIVED, but he’s certainly been a bright spot and has so far exceeded my expectations.

3rd Base: Domingo

I don’t even know where to start with this kid. He instantly became one of my favorite players when he hit a 100 mph fastball off Aroldis Chapman for a homerun that eventually would win us the game in the top of the 9th after trailing the Reds. It was something I’ll never forget, especially all those damn smug Reds fans shutting the hell up as they stayed till the 9th inning only to watch their team lose. Hehehe…aww good times my friends, good times. Domingo’s defense has been nothing short of outstanding, especially at the hot corner which I believe could someday translate to a gold glove. He's shown he can hit with power and this year it seems he's becoming more patient at the plate. His batting AVG. might just hover around the .250 mark for his (hopefully long) career but I think that's more than adequate for just an overall great young ball player. If the astros are smart they'll give him an extension after this season, because he's certainly earned it and impressed more than a few people around here.

Well that’s end of part 1. I didn’t want to bum rush you and list the whole damn team so I will divide this into sections so it‘s more accessible to read. I know I didn’t say anything that most of you didn’t already know but let’s just say this is a fluff piece. The last few weeks have been hard, but as they say "The night is darkest just before the dawn. "or something like that. Keep the faith Astros fans as hard as it may be. We don’t have a timeline for when their gonna be good again, but as Uncle Sam says in the GameThreads



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