2013 Astros September Call-ups: Jorge De Leon and Trevor Crowe

Bob Levey

Pitcher Jorge De Leon and Trevor Crowe are the first two September call ups for the Astros

The Astros have made their first moves in the month of September and have called up right-handed pitcher Jorge De Leon and Outfielder Trevor Crowe:

Not exactly the most exciting call ups.

For those unfamiliar with the nuances of baseball. In September rosters expand from 25 to 40. Now teams do not use all 40 spots but they have the option too. The caveat is that teams can only call up players that are on the 40-man roster. Most teams use expanded rosters as a way to reinforce the current major league roster with role players that can help fill a need.

Both De Leon and Crowe have already spent time at the major league level this year. Unfortunately, their time at the major leagues haven't been all that productive. De Leon posted a 46 ERA+ in 1 2/3 of an inning and Crowe posted a 59 OPS+ in 78 plate appearance. It looks as if both player will be on the major league roster to reinforce the bullpen (LOL) and bench.

Per Bill Brown and Alan Ashby on the TV broadcast the Astros have said they will likely call up more players during the month of September, however, that will happen as teams from the upper level of the minor leagues get eliminated from the playoffs.

Names to possibly be called up in September:

All five of those players are currently on the 40-man roster.

I would not expect prospects like George Springer to be called up to the major leagues in September. The reason for that is the Rule 5 draft, which takes place in December, allows teams to pick through other teams farm systems for potential big league players. The work the Astros have done in improving the farm system means that there is an increased chance that someone will select a player out of the Astros farm system. There are some other stipulations and rules in place that we'll be explaining in the offseason but what you need to know now is that prospects with four years or less in the system are not subject to the Rule 5 draft.

Since Springer isn't eligible for the Rule 5 draft adding them to the 40 man roster for a September call up would mean one less Rule 5 eligible prospect they could protect. The Astros do not want to lose a prospect, which means, unfortunately, we won't get to see some of the Astros stud prospects this season.

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