Can you predict the 2014 opening day starter?

So Since we have a month left to go in this season, Now seems the perfect time to look towards next year. Sure there will be lots of new faces as George Springer, Jon Singleton, could possibly debut as Astros next year. However thinking about this team there was one burning question, Who will start opening day? More details after the jump.

Did it jump? I can't tell while I am writing this.. Oh well on with it.

Next year will be an exciting year for the rotation as truly for the first time in a long time that it truly is an open competition to be the "Ace". So many possibilities as no one can really lay claim to getting the nod at this point.

You have the new faces, who have done well in their short stints, led by Jared Cosart, Brett Oberholtzer, and Brad Peacock. Of this group I think I really like Peacock the best, he seems with the addition of a slider to be the most consistent of our starters. Cosart may have the best stuff, but let's be honest, we watch every start and nervously wait for the other shoe to drop and have hitters unload on him. As much as we would want him to master pitching and become a dominant ace, he has consistency issues, and that may hold him to back of the rotation starter or closer. Oberholtzer, while gutsy and accurate just does not have the stuff you want an ace to have.

Then You have your Homegrown talent, Jordan Lyles, and Dallas Keuchel. Jordan to me shows flashes of being that #1 starter, but other times he will start well then after 1 or times of facing him, hitters seem to know what he's bringing and start shelling him. Dallas Keuchel has the mental makeup you want of a frontline starter, unfortunately his stuff is not the dominant bat breaking stuff you want in your ace.

What about your veterans? People Like Eric Bedard, and Lucas Harrell, could also be considered, However both are not really having the kind of year where you look at them and claim they could anchor this rotation. In fact both have pitched out of the hopeless abyss bullpen.

Then you have your walking wounded, John Ely, Alex White, and Kyle Weiland. Could one of these guys step out of the training room and into the #1 starter spot? I haven't seen any in action but Alex White was making this rotation battle interesting up until his unfortunate injury. Weiland was also looking like something of a steal before a mysterious curse was placed on his shoulder. John Ely is a complete mystery, I have no idea what we have in him and can't wait to find out.

Then you got your farm hands, guys at AAA just itching to get up or back to the MLB. People like Paul Clemens who like Cosart, has some flame to his throws, but another awkward and inconsistent delivery. Jose Cisnero who did everything he could to not be the Astros Closer this year, once he got it. Not to mention Asher Wojohowski, which I probably just misspelled badly. Asher is having a solid season at AAA and may not see the majors until this spring but he seems highly effective and may be another wildcard in what looks to be a wide open race.

So with that in mind, who wants to play psychic and channel their inner Miss Cleo into determining our opening day starter next season? Here is to a lot of votes and a long comment filled argument debate.

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