a little hope from a young reader and a look into the forseeable future

i live sadly in ranger land. sit in front of ranger fans everywhere i go and tell them how much i love the astros and tell them how glad i am when we beat them on opening day. yes call me stupid but as i diehard in enemy territory i got to do something. i stay on because of the astros were my team and houston was my city and the astros are still my team i just dont live in houston. like most tcbers i put hope in the farm. my family call me crazy because i wanta watch the hooks and the redhawks and i watch the draft and look at stats and read moneyball but if i ever want to be a sports writer i have to know everything possible and if that means maybe taking a sports law class so that maybe ill end up as like the legal analyst for an abc cbs or espn or some smaller company then yeah thats what ill do. just so i can watch the astros i scour the internet for any way to watch the astros. i wont buy gameday audio and wont work cause blackout rules but i have to remember that maybe springer is the next harper or trout and correa is like derek jeter or even elvis andrus at best i can gloat to the casual fans that hey i stuck with my team while you decided to go root for the rangers. Every astros fan or baseball fan is unique but we all know are first trips into our favorite ballparks.

I remember my first venture into minute maid it was a game in 2004 i was almost 9 years old at the time and the astros were facing the cardinals and brandon backe was on the mound and my grandma and grandpa and my dad and brother and i were all in attendence. i was so bored. my grandmother kept telling me to be quiet and watch. to be fair i didnt know what was going on. I dont know if the astros won thegame or not but my grandma was and still is a huge baseball fan. she got me into it by taking me to games in 04 and later in 05. back then though my dad was poor and my source of sports was watching college basketball and rooting for KU or going to mmd with my grandma grandfather and family. i remember when beltran left and when biggio retired. i remember the astros commercials during the 05 playoffs with the one fan that would sit a few rows next to my family (grandma had nosebleed season tickets). about my 5th grade year i got hooked on baseball i played it although i stunk. (at the time i wanted to be a sports player) i stuck with watching it and learning it. i went to a game 2 years ago among my most memorable was watching bud norris play the cardinals and he took a no hitter in to like the 8th then berkman came up to bat hit a homerun and the no hitter ended. i may not live in houston but the astros will be my team and as an aspiring sports writer that may end up being hard but in my family baseball goes back way back, but thats another story.


im gonna take George springer and compare him to a well know player and give the slugging percentage and HR of him versus springer but im doing a similar position player with a similar skill set

Curtis granderson

im gonna use Cgs time in double A cause that separates the men from the boys

in grandersons time at double A he hit 21 home runs in 123 games and 462 Ab with 95 strikeouts and a 515 slugging percentage.

comparitively springer at double A and triple a now has hit 27 home runs and has only been at 100 games and 369 AB sadly with 128 strikeouts but only 32 of the strikeouts at triple a in 27 games and has a .404 obp and a .596 slugging percentage and apperently according to baseball reference has a ops of 1.000. Some maybe weary of springer. Ok he may not be Granderson yet but if he shows the powere numbers with the astros that hes showing in the minors then he just may turn out to have been passed over by a few to many teams a few years back.

Anyone got a better comparison.

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