Should the astros players play the next 13 games on a probationary basis.

So yes it is the rays, yes it is a good team but swept by the angels kinda stinks. After a decent june, july hasnt started off well and if we callup players then were definately destined to go through a growing phase with the young ones coming up. Face it, it took castro 2 years to get really good. altuve, castro, maybe barnes and harrell norris lyles and veras and fields i can say are a lock to stay on the team for the next few years if they arent traded. In policing officers are hired on probationary basis like for 6 months so lets take Oberholtzer and play him a total of say 9 innings and or 10 games played and look at his stats from there and demote him if he does bad or give him more high risk situation if he does well. id say the outfield has to be changed most JD just isnt what he was when he first came up to the big club and would be better served included in a trade or released along with paredes and maxwell. What do we have on the redhawks? Chesh suan lin. Grossman. SPRINGER. im not up for a return of linsanity after what it did and is doing to the rockets. grossman stunk up the team when he was up here and lets give springer til the september call ups til we promote him otherwise we got tucker and santana in double A and aplin in lancaster. if we conduct the probation idea to the outfield do we risk bringing a guy up to quickly? is the risk higher than the reward?


currently dominguez is liveable and probably an asset for now.


Cedeno has got to be released and Mgon can stay at triple A and villar called up. theres a ton of talented shortstops in the system to bring villar up now try him for 10 games or 30 plate apperances and if he doesnt work out mgon can come back up. and fontana can be promoted to double a and correa to lancaster.


(if carter is traded) Pena will play DH and wallace will sadly be our man at first. id like to see singleton called up but for more than 10 games but with him id wait til say mid august to call him up.

(if carter is not traded) RELEASE brett wallace and trade pena for a stopgap 1b that we can cut after the year ends.


Yeah we need altuves backup. Elmore will have to do but villar could be called up if say elmore is sent down.


yeah i like what we have at catcher and the alternatives are worthless.


(if norris is traded) CALLUP WOJ try him out for like a few late inning relief appearances say an eight inning job and slowly bring him into the role of a starting job. give it 2 times round the rotation then demote him to triple a or keep him in the rotation. And if they dont like him in either pen or starting cosart is waiting.

if norris and harrell are traded call both cosart and wojc up for the season and cut bedard put cisnero as a starter.

Now you get the drift is probation baseball a good idea? Do you have your own ideas? reminder : look at rule 5 eligible players and you may find a few recognizable names. should we promote those guys now? is the new 2b we acquired the second coming of jose altuve. IS our triple A team not have much talent other than like 4 players. DOES tony D need to go. Shoulf keith bodie become the triple a manager? GIve me all your thoughts below.

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