Astros Podcast: All-Stars, Trades and Promotions

Ryan Dunsmore

In the regular podcast we discuss the controversy surrounding Bud Norris, whether or not he should be traded, the Astros all-star representative, Marc Krauss' call up and trade possibilities. In the Astros minors podcast we talk about the promotions of Brady Rodgers, George Springer and Jake Buchanan, Tri-City's hot start and draft money.

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TCB Podcast ready and willing to invade your thoughts and tickle your ear drums regarding everything Houston Astros baseball.

Note: Check your podcast subscription you may have to go manually download one of the podcasts. iTunes has a tendency to only download one podcast when multiple podcasts become available at the same time.


TCBP 87: Trading Season Is Open

In this episode David Coleman, Sean Feist and myself discuss:

This was a weird one for me. Podcasting can be a lot like baseball at times. You set a game plan and then everything gets blown out of the water. After we recorded this podcast I would have happily burned it to the ground and basked in its fiery demise. Upon review the podcast isn't as bad as I made it out to be during the podcast and probably actually may have made it a little more entertaining. It's not a recipe I want or plan to continue but it does provide us with a couple things to work on.

Yes, after 87 podcasts I am still looking to improve the podcast. I am appreciate all the feedback I've gotten on the podcast and encourage you to email me if you have some further feedback. The theme and feel I am trying to create with the podcast is sitting around drinking a beer with some buddies discussing the Astros. I think we've done for the most part but some times we get a little to structured and forced and I think that's what happened in this episode. We have are good podcasts and our bad podcasts if this is your first time listening I encourage you to give us a few more listens before making your determination that this podcast is or isn't for you.

If you have Astros related questions you want us to answer send them in. I can't promise you we'll get to the question that week but we will get to it in a future podcast.



    TCB AMP 7: Oklahoma City Gets The Discount Double Check

    In this episode Brooks Parker, Anthony Boyer and myself discuss:

    • Brady Rodgers, George Springer and Jake Buchanan promoted to Oklahoma City
    • Tri-City's Hot Start
    • Who replaces George Springer in Corpus Christi: Andrew Aplin or Preston Tucker?
    • The possibility of the Astros having left over draft money

    This was a fun podcast to do. As we were recording the podcast news broke about the George Springer and Jake Buchanan minor league promotions, which was fun to instantly react to. The last time we had news break like this during the podcast Hunter Pence had been traded. Usually, stuff happens right after we record a podcast and to an extent it did Monday with the Marwin Gonzalez option to Oklahoma City and Wade LeBlanc's designated for assignment. There seems to be a lot of movement happening within the Astros organization, which is nice to see. It gives us something to talk about and shows that progress is being made.

    Brooks and I got into a bit of debate over who would take George Springers place in Corpus Christi, Andrew Aplin or Preston Tucker? I think it's Aplin because he's a center fielder and the Hooks still have a right fielder in Domingo Santana. Brooks thinks Preston Tucker should be promoted because he has nothing left to prove at Lancaster and he's an older guy so should pushed along in the system. He and Santana could rotate between right field, left field and designated hitter. Who do you think will be promoted? Aplin, Tucker or possibly someone else?


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      Next Scheduled Podcast Recordings: June 30, 2013


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      If you have an feedback for the show you can email me at And a big thank you to those of you that have given feedback in the comments, via email or by iTunes ratings. We really appreciate it.

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