MLB Draft 2013: Updated Astros draft signing list

We repost the list of who has signed and who has not from the 2013 Astros draft

After North Carolina fell in the 2013 College World Series to UCLA, the final few Astros draftees are free to sign. So, since Ken Emmanuel and Brian Holbertson may soon become officially part of Houston's system, it's time to look at how the rest of the draft has gone.

Here's the complete list of Astros draftees. Houston has spent $9.7 million of its bonus pool so far on these signings.

1.1 (1): Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford (Signed) Bonus: $6.35 million

2.1 (40): Andrew Thurman, RHP, UC Irvine (Signed) Bonus: $1.397 million

3.1 (74): Kent Emanuel, LHP, UNC Chapel Hill (Signed)

4.1 (107): Conrad Gregor, 1B, Vanderbilt (Signed) Bonus: $481,900

5.1 (137): Tony Kemp, 2B, Vanderbilt (Signed) Bonus: $250,000

6.1 (167): Jacob Nottingham, C, Redlands HS (CA) (Signed) Bonus: $300,000

7.1 (197): James Ramsay, CF, South Florida (Signed) Bonus: $175,000

8.1 (227): Jason Martin, CF, Orange Lutheran HS (Signed) Bonus: $159,700

9.1 (257): Brian Holberton, C, UNC Chapel Hill (Signed) Bonus: Unknown

10.1 (287): Austin Nicely, LHP, Spotswood HS (VA) Bonus: $610,000

11.1 (317): Devonte German, RHP, Bishop Manogue HS (NV)

12.1 (347): Chase McDonald, 1B, East Carolina University (Signed)

13.1 (377): Kyle Westwood, RHP, University of North Florida (Signed)

14.1 (407) Chris Cotton, LHP, LSU (Signed)

15.1 (437): James Farris, RHP, Arizona (Will not sign)

16.1 (467): Dillon Newman, RHP, Baylor

17.1 (497): Alex Schick, LHP, Cathedral Catholic HS (CA)

18.1 (527): Adam Nelubowich, 3B, Washington State (Signed)

19.1 (557): Jake Rodriguez, C, Oregon State (Signed)

20.1 (587): Daniel Pinero, SS, Western Tech Commercial School (Toronto, Canada)

21.1 (617): Jon Kemmer, LF, Brewton Parker College (GA) (Signed)

22.1 (647): Sebastian Kessay, LHP, Scotsdale CC (AZ) (Signed)

23.1 (677): Thomas Lindauer, SS, University of Illinois Champaign (Signed)

24.1 (707): Nathan Thornhill, RHP, Texas

25.1 (737): Albert Minnis, LHP, Wichita State (Signed)

26.1 (767): William Chrismon, RHP, East Carolina (NC) (Signed)

27.1 (797): Patrick Christensen, RHP, La Salle University (Signed)

28.1 (827): Jordan Mills, LHP, St. Mary's College (CA) (Signed)

29.1 (857): Randall Fant, LHP, Arkansas (Signed)

30.1 (887): Jorge Perez, RHP, Seminole State CC (OK) (Signed)

31.1 (917): Scott Burke, RHP, Glendora HS (CA)

32.1 (947): Zach Morton, RHP, Northwestern (Signed)

33.1 (977): Tyler White, 3B, Western Carolina University (Signed)

34.1 (1007): Brett Booth, C, Alabama Tuscaloosa (Signed)

35.1 (1037): Kacy Clemens, RHP, Houston Memorial HS (TX)-Draft Profile (Will not sign)

36.1 (1067): J.D. Osborne, LHP, Wofford (Signed)

37.1 (1097): Josh Melendez, CF, New Mexico

38.1 (1127): Ronnie Mitchell, CF, Dallas Baptist University (Signed)

39.1 (1157): Juan Santos, RHP, Arlington Country Day School (FL)

40.1 (1187): Tyler Brunneman, RHP, Hardin Simmons University (Signed)

Undrafted Free Agents:

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