MLB Scores: Astros 7, Brewers 4

Scott Halleran

After Carlos Pena slammed the Astros to another series win, let's break down the best worst teams in the league.

Carlos Pena made Curtis go all Milo Hamilton on the TCB Twitter account,

so I thought it was a good time to throw together a little power rankings. These aren't your ordinary power rankings, mind you. They're the power rankings of the best bad teams in the majors. We're also not doing this in any sort of scientific way. Not really, anyways. We're not basing it on records (other than to group the bad with the bad in the first place) or records over the past two weeks or anything. It's very much subjective, so yell at me all you want.

At any rate, let's celebrate another Astros walkoff win with a look at the worst teams in the majors.

1) New York Mets, 27-41 - I know the record is bad, but they have Matt Harvey looking like Cy Young and just got to see Zach Wheeler join him in an awesome twin bill. That puts them at the top of this list for now.

2) Twins, 32-36 - Only four games under .500, the Twins also have one of the most exciting prospects in the minors in Byron Buxton. That makes them pretty strong on any set of power rankings. They're stil projected to lose 90 games this season, thus they make this list.

3) Mariners, 32-41 - I feel like we drop off a ledge here. The M's should be lower, but it's been a while since the Astros beat up on them. They have some closer issues, but at least they didn't spend ungodly amounts of money on their team. Speaking of that...

4) Dodgers, 30-40 - Hey! The honorary World Series contender on the list! I have to shut up now, because Mark McGwire is about to fight me.

5) Astros, 28-46 - This is higher than you might have expected, but the Astros have been playing solidly for a month now. They also beat up on two of the last four teams on this list and have young talent on display all over the field.

6) Cubs, 29-41 - We can talk all day long about whether the Cubs spending money was worth it. If the Astros take two of three from the Cubbies this weekend, all that offseason spending might not keep the Cubs from looking up at the Astros in the standings.

7) White Sox 29-40 - Yeesh. Last in on-base percentage and almost got swept by the Astros? That deserves a low spot on any power rankings.

8) Brewers, 29-42 - Yup. You can't lose two of three to Houston and expect to be higher than this, especially when the Astros blew you out in Game 1. Sorry, Milwaukee, but at least you're not...

9) Marlins, 22-49 - The Marlins! Baseball's worst team by a long stretch. Do you really think that Giancarlo Stanton will improve things much? Enjoy Carlos Rodon, until your team is contracted.

Just for good measure?



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