the base of the astros is formed by stanford guys and a guy shorter than most of us readers

Ok bear with me here. Yes Appel is not in the big leagues heck hes not even signed yet but we all know the potential he has. NO hes not strasburg. Dont even know if hes Gerrit Cole who debuts tonight. The best case Scenario is the number 1 starter soon. Harold reynolds seems to think hes called up in july. i say he wont be there til maybe halfway through next season.


Is stanford becoming like the best farm club for professional sports? Maybe its a little stretch. Stanford produced though a few players you might recognize. im sure theres a lot more though but heres a few.

Jason Castro- whos posting an ops of .785 and a slugging percentage of .464 and he has improved defensive skills. it used to be he couldnt block the ball from getting past him. Now he can. He has 17 doubles this year in 58 games. yes the past two years he hasnt played much due to injury but he had 15 in 87 games last year.

Andrew luck- Those of you who know who he has know how good he is. Will probably be a star QB for years to come.

Jason collins- ok all i know bout him is hes a player who rides the bench and recently came out bout being Gay.

Appel- 1st overall pick just like luck and remember an appel a day keeps the doctor away.

AStros BASE forming

i already explained CASTRO and APPEL who i hope will be a top starter in the majors for the astros. We all know altuve is the other impact player on the roster that will be here for years to come. Some of you are barnes fanatics i say at best hell be a defensive replacement in center once springer comes up to the bigs. For now hes a starter.

Astros futures roster

1B Singleton,(Someone yet to prove their worth is behind singleton)

2b Altuve, Deshields

SS Correa,Villar

3B i dont know much bout our system so im putting dominguez here but your welcome to substitute someone else you like

C Castro then behind him i believe we got a decent catcher in double A

cf- springer, Barnes

RF- is aplin and outfielder then him maybe

LF is tucker an outfielder cause id have him there

sorry i dont keep up with the positional players as much as most of yall

DH Deshields, barnes

correct me if you find inconsistencies


1. Appel


3. FOlty


5. Lyles





David martinez



Give me your arguements and corrections. Due to lack of knowledge of double a and lancaster i dont know alot of our good prospects. i see norris and harrel traded and jiovanni mier not panning out. i like cosart but hes best served in the bullpen.

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