SBNation MLB Staff(And all other haters of Astros Baseball)

The main article on TCB 7 hours before opening day is a piece written about the series between the Astros and Rangers. I was excited to see the article, so I read it like any other article on TCB. However I was disgusted with the content of the article. The article starts off by telling the reader this is a crappy series for baseball to kickoff the season with. The reason were because the Rangers are on the decline, the Astros are well the the Astros, and a team switching leagues isnt a big deal, after all it happened as @recently@ as 16 years ago. So the author of this segment basically said the Astros dont deserve to be on ESPN tonight.

Well after reading this I figured it cant get much worse than this. So I continued to read and as the author does a summary of the Astros roster:

They remain a grab bag of placeholders and prospects, with an emphasis on the former.

Complete disrespect for the Astros roster. While we have some such as Pena, Ankiel, Cedeno, etc. We have a lot of fallen stars, and a few rising. This showed complete disrespect for the Astros.

Now we come to predictions. Well I think we all would say the Rangers take 2 out of 3, but there is just slim chances that the Rangers sweep. Well whomever the author of the prediction is disagrees. He believes easy choice, since the Astros are rebuilding the Ragners will sweep. Are you kidding me, reillocity makes a great counter argument in the comment section

How common are 3-game road sweeps to open a season, particularly versus 3-game road sweeps at other times of the year?

I’d guess that 3-game road sweeps to open the season are exceptionally rare relative to 3-game road sweeps in general. In spite of the talent differences here, you have two clubs lining up the best elements of their pitching staffs to be rested and ready to go for the entire series. In fact, it’s probably more likely that the Astros win two games than the Rangers win all three. All that said, the most likely outcome is the Rangers win 2 of 3.

His argument is enough, I wont talk about the prediction anymore.

Lastly, why is everyone destroying the Astros. I understand the season that lays ahead right now. But today is opening day, in baseball there is no happier day for 97% of fans(1 team wins the world series). Why teardown the Astors season before it even began. I think this article for the most part was done in poor taste, and is poor journalism. The Astros have not been a bad team historically, and for everyone who is just nailing the Astros for their current misfortunes, I sincerely hope your favorite team experiences the same shortly. Unfortunately very little of the article seemed to be traceable to who wrote it(besides David's parts), so I cannot call out anyone specifically and I cannot but a jinx on their specific teams, darn.

On a side note, David had a lot of good stuff in there. specifically about MMP, I highly recommend reading this section of the article.

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